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The World Men’s Volleyball League starts today, let’s see what the “foreign students” of the Chinese men’s volleyball team have learned

Following the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the Chinese men’s volleyball team will also usher in the debut of the new season. Between June 6th and 11th, the first match of the World Men’s Volleyball League 2023 will be held in Nagoya, Japan. The Chinese men’s volleyball team will play against four teams from Bulgaria, Serbia, France and Iran.

Among the 14 Chinese men’s volleyball players participating in the first match are: main attackers Zhang Jingyin, Yu Yuantai, Wang Bin, and Zhai Dejun; secondary attackers Peng Shikun, Li Yongzhen, and Wang Dongchen; support Jiang Chuan and Zhang Guanhua; People Qu Zongshuai and Chen Jiajie. In addition to the head coach Wu Sheng, the team also has Zhang Jingyin, Wang Bin, Li Yongzhen and Zhang Guanhua all from Zhejiang. At the same time, Chen Leiyang and Yang Yiming also went to Japan with the team as reserve force.

For the Chinese men’s volleyball team, this year there are important competition tasks such as the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournament, and the World Men’s Volleyball League is a good opportunity for the team to prepare and train.

Before the Asian Games

A real battle with the number one enemy Iran


This year’s World Men’s Volleyball League includes three sub-stations and one final round. The Chinese men’s volleyball team will participate in a total of 12 sub-stations in Japan, the Netherlands, and the Philippines to compete for the final qualification.

Since 16 high-level international volleyball teams are participating in the World League, it is very valuable for the Chinese men’s volleyball team, which is currently ranked 26th in the world. To prepare for this competition, the Chinese men’s volleyball team held closed training sessions in Zhangzhou, Fujian and Beilun, Ningbo.

“The training in Zhangzhou mainly focuses on laying the foundation of basic skills, and then improving physical fitness. In Beilun, some players who played abroad have returned to the team one after another, so the main focus on strengthening the cooperation of the players and practicing the tactical system.” Chinese male The head coach of the volleyball team, Wu Sheng, said that the two training camps basically achieved the expected results. “During the training camp, the players practiced three times a day. The players worked really hard and improved their basic skills, physical fitness, offense and defense, and coordination. The overall mental outlook of the team good at the moment.”


However, there is also a headache for Wu Sheng, who is the setter. Since Yu Yaochen, the main setter of the national team last year, is still studying in Japan, it became a problem to choose the main setter, and the setter is also the current deficiency of the Chinese team. For this reason, during the Beilun training camp, Wu Sheng specially invited the former national team coach, 68-year-old Shen Fulin, to come out to help the team train the setter. Of course, the growth of setters takes time. Among the 14 entries, there are three setters (Liu Meng, Wang Hebin, Guo Cheng), and it is hoped that they can accelerate their growth through the competition.

It can be said that the Chinese men’s volleyball team in the next World League will be difficult. All opponents should not be underestimated, especially the Iranian team, which is ranked first in Asia. Being able to test the strength of the opponent in advance before the Hangzhou Asian Games will make the next preparations of the Chinese men’s volleyball team more targeted.

Therefore, Wu Sheng requires all players, no matter who the opponent is, to play with high spirits, “For us, we must strive to play better than last year. This year is also a year that need points. Men’s Volleyball League to improve the position of the Chinese men’s volleyball team.”

  Since last year, nine men’s volleyball players have gone abroad to play

This time is a good time to experience the results of studying abroad

After the end of last year’s volleyball Super League, the Chinese men’s volleyball team started a wave of study abroad. Jiang Chuan, Zhang Jingyin, Yu Yuantai, Peng Shikun, Wang Dongchen and nine other players went to Japan, Qatar and Poland to playing in leagues like Japan, and this World Men’s Volleyball League is also a test of whether they are a good opportunity to “learn something”.

Among the many foreign players, the return of the Chinese men’s volleyball team Jiang Chuan is undoubtedly the most satisfying for the fans. Due to injuries, Jiang Chuan did not travel around with the national team last year. He returned to the national team after a year, which is familiar and kind to him. “I didn’t take part in the national team competition last year. I returned to the national team this year and fought alongside my teammates. The familiar feeling has returned. I hope I can show better condition in League the World and help the team achieve good results.”


For Zhejiang fans, the most anticipated is undoubtedly “Little Sun” Zhang Jingyin. Four months ago, with the efforts of the Chinese and Polish Volleyball Associations, Zhang Jingyin was able to play in the Polish League, one of the world’s high-level men’s volleyball leagues, and began his first overseas trip.

In the 11 games after joining the old strong team Gdansk, Zhang Jingyin handed over a satisfactory report card. In the 11 games, he scored a total of 105 points. The spike data was 82 of 144. 57%. In terms of the first pass, his first pass completion rate is 38%. Especially in the last game, he scored 17 points in the first game and won the one-game MVP for the second time.

“I have won a lot, especially in the pass and the first serve. In fact, these two items have always been my shortcomings. After these three months of competition, my serve, including the pass first and various skills, improved a little. Improvement Poland, a high-level league, can get me a lot of physical exercise, whether it is in normal training or in the process of playing in the league, including my teammates and the opponents that I have played against. Their strength and skills are very good, and there are many places worth learning.” Zhang Jingyin said frankly that this short overseas experience made him feel the atmosphere of Europe’s best leagues and the training methods of high-level clubs.

It is worth noting that Zhang Jingyin during his stay abroad has been communicating with other Chinese teammates playing abroad, exchanging and learning from each other. Compare what is different, and analyze your own shortcomings.”

Zhang Jingyin said that now that they have returned to the Chinese men’s volleyball team, everyone is looking forward to playing more value. “Hopefully I can bring what I learned in the Polish league to our team.”

Of course, what is more important to Zhang Jingyin is the subsequent Hangzhou Asian Games and the Paris Olympic qualifiers. “I’m really looking forward to the next match of the national team. I hope I can show the results of my training and competition during this period of time. Let’s see how much has improved and where are the shortcomings, and there we still need to improve in training and the usual competition.”

World Men’s Volleyball League Nagoya Station Chinese men’s volleyball schedule (Beijing time):

June 6th 15:10

Team China VS Team Bulgaria

June 8th 14:00

Team China VS Team Serbia

June 9 12:10

Chinese team against French team

June 10 14:40

Team China vs. Team Iran

Note: CCTV5 Sports Channel CCTV, CCTV Video App, CCTV Sports App, etc. will broadcast Chinese men’s volleyball team matches.


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