The Messenger's House in West Virginia goes through amendments to the education, education, education, education and education package

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Housewife Paul Espinosa, R-Jefferson, explains the amendment of SB 451 increasing the number of chartered schools.

CHARLESTON – The West Western Delegation House spent all day and the Sunday amendment debated the Senate's proposal on education reform.

More than 30 amendments were sought on Senate Bill 451, the educational educational bill, for members of the House of Settlers at 11 a.m. Wednesday, and continue to discuss at press time.

The bill was second reading after it changed from the Senate's version of the House of Education Committee and after the Monday afternoon effort by the Home Finance Committee to be returned to the bill items collected by the members of the education committee .

The strike-by-step amendment that made the way to the floor on Wednesday made a number of changes to SB 451 since last week's Seanad left. It has made provisions that created educational savings accounts and schools of public charts charts with a pilot of two schools for current low-level primary schools.

Some amendments ask Wednesday to expand the pilot school school project from two start-up schools to expand throughout the state. An amendment from Theater Majority Paul Espinosa, R-Jefferson, extended the pilot project back to five schools and West Virginia Schools for Deaf and Blind if they chose to participate as the strike failed a financial committee failed .

"Apart from the fact that it has become very restrictive as it emerged from the House Education Committee … everything in this capacity offers a power to our school areas," Said Espinosa. "Why should Virginia's parents, students and communities not have the same choices as having 44 other states and the District of Columbia to offer their students?"

Espinosa was slightly different from the finance committee's proposal. Non-profit ability would be made up of the majority of parents and members of the public to apply to a county school board to start a public charter school, which would ultimately be able to approve or reject a card application .

It would also allow the conversion of an existing public school to a chart school if the majority of parents, teachers and school staff sign a petition. Choosing counties may also allow Western Virginia West Charter School Commission to review applications for charters if the county needs to make applications.

"The results are better for every student," Del said. Jim Butler, R-Mason. "Let's do something to improve education. That's about it."

House Democrats spoke out against the effort to expand chartered schools, worrying that schools drop behind low-income and low-income students and leave cities in rural areas.

"I think there would be a pilot program really," Del said. John Doyle, D-Jefferson ,. "I think it's right that the education committee on which I sat that definition was made to two … I think it's not more than that that is not a pilot."

"I am concerned that there are many reasons in West Virginia that our systematic poverty and our lack of education in this state – including the acquisition of valuable funds from public schools already in our state," Del said. Lisa Zukoff, D-Marshall.

The reform of the card school Espinosa 59-40 failed by 18 Republicans voting against the amendment.

Other reforms made by some deputies of education savings accounts back to the bill. Parents with students of special needs or students suffering from bullying could first apply for one of the 2,500 ESA accounts that first serve.

An equivalent amount of 75 per cent of the state expenditure per pupil would pay a parent's child each year on a debit card for purchases from approved vendors. The parents could use the funds for educational costs, such as a private school, home school, teaching, textbooks, or even computer equipment.

"This is a freedom bill for your family," Del said. Tom Bibby, R-Berkeley, one of the co-sponsors of the reform. "What are our priorities here, people? We are giving more families of West Virginia to control the education of their students."

"What we are saying if we reject another option if his child is not following school," Asked Del. Terry Waxman, R-Harrison. "No one wants anyone to take these. This is a free choice for people who want another child's choice."

The Democrats opposed the reform of the ESA, which failed 62-37 with 21 Republicans voting against educational savings accounts.

"This does not deal equally with all of these students," Del said. Larry Rowe, D-Kanawha. "I do not think we are doing any favors for a student who would get this account … I think this is a bad amendment."

Other amendments approved to the House Education Committee, the post-reform of Wednesday, have returned to the local counties and votes are required to raise regular levy rates during general elections. Another amendment increased the end of year bonus for teachers and staff absent less than four days from $ 500 to $ 1,000.

One legal reform officer would reform in each school, and county-school systems were able to withdraw federal grants before spending any state money, which could cost around $ 40 million. Other music education adds to the list of degrees that a tutor can pursue under the Underwood-Smith Teachers Scholarship program.

When the amendment of SB 451 is accepted by the House of Education Committee and this amendment will be added, the bill will be complete at the third reading and will take place tomorrow morning. If the strike reform fails and submitted, the bill will pass the bill passed by the Seanad February 4, including a state charter school program and educational savings accounts, as well as anti-work stopping, paycheck protection, and non- sustainable.

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