The Meteorological Department reveals the next wave of cold air masses this October 23-24, the Bangkok-perimeter, the lowest temperature of 19 degrees.

18 Oct. 21 – Facebook Meteorological Department Weather forecast for the next 7 days indicates that during 18-22 Oct. 64 the high pressure area from China covers upper Thailand and the South China Sea. causing the upper Thailand to have less rain while the monsoon trough lies across the southern and eastern regions. In addition, the southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, the South and the Gulf of Thailand, causing thunderstorms in the area.

During 23-24 Oct 64, another high pressure area from China will extend its ridge to cover upper Thailand and the South China Sea. causing thunderstorms in the upper Thailand in the first period while the easterly wind prevails over the South and the Gulf of Thailand. causing the southern region to continue to rain and have heavy rain in some places

Warning: People in the risky areas in the southern region should beware of the danger of heavy rain and accumulated rain. This can cause flash floods and flash floods. For people in the upper Thailand, please take care of their health due to the changing weather conditions during this period.

meteorological department also revealed the graphics Shows the total rain forecast every 24 hours 10 days in advance (18 – 27 Oct. 21) (between 07.00 – 07.00 the next day) from ECMWF 2021101712 indicates that today (18/10/64) cold air mass or high pressure spreading down to cover the upper part of the North and the Northeast Causing the upper part to still have rain in some places, tends to have less rain, while the central region (including Bangkok and its vicinities) and the lower northeastern region and the upper South It’s still raining / thunderstorms because the monsoon trenches still pass the area causing rain to occur along the monsoon trenches From 18-20 Oct. ’64 the rain began to decrease. Since cold air masses from China begin to spread to cover the North, the Upper Northeast and 21 -27 Oct. 64, rain will still occur in the Northeast. due to the east wind south east The fan was covered and the cold air mass began to extend down to cover the ripples. At first there will be rain. and the rain in the south will begin to increase Most of the rain is light to moderate rain. (This information is also subject to change based on new import data. used to make decisions)



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