The millet vehicle plant is located in Yizhuang, Beijing, with an annual production target of 300,000 vehicles


Following the announcement of a plan to start mass production of electric vehicles in the first half of 2024 a month ago, Xiaomi has officially confirmed that its vehicle plant will be located in Beijing Yizhuang. According to the company’s senior vice president Zeng Xuezhong, Xiaomi’s target annual output is 300,000 vehicles, and it will be implemented in a plan of “150,000 each in the first and second phases”. In addition, Xiaomi’s electric vehicle headquarters and R&D and sales departments will be established in Beijing, and its retail stores will also be used for vehicle sales in the future.

Judging from the speed of Xiaomi’s advancement of car manufacturing, the first electric car is estimated to be a relatively safe entry-level in terms of positioning. If you want to hit the high-end market, this time should not be enough to prepare a qualified product.


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