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The Minister of Wealth taunts the draft constitution, the people’s edition, must be genuine, must be 67 million, not just a hundred thousand people.

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Chart Thai Pattana, the annual general meeting “Kanjana”, hopes that the next election will get more representatives from many provinces. “Warawut” says the real people’s constitution must come from 67 million people.

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At 9.30 a.m. at the Chart Thai Pattana Party Branch Office, Muang District, Suphan Buri Province, the Chart Thai Pattana Party held its 2021 general meeting with party leaders. Members of the party’s executive committee, MPs and members joined in unison, led by Ms. Kanchana Silpa-archa, party leader, Mr. Prapat Phothasuthon, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. As party secretary, Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment As chairman of the party’s policy and strategy committee, Mr. Nikorn Chamnong, a party-list MP and party director, Mr. Jongchai Thiengtham, party member and former Labor Minister Teera Wongsamut, a member of the list of MPs and former Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives;

by Ms. Kanchana Silpa-archa, leader of the Chart Thai Pattana Party said at the opening of the meeting that More water this year than last year. may be affected by global warming. not far away But it’s very close. Next year, the water may be more. Therefore, I want people to help prepare for it. MPs have gone to the area to help each other fully, so hope that the next election Chart Thai Pattana Party will have a chance to have more representatives from many provinces besides Suphan Buri because our party is not the only party of Suphan Buri people. but belonging to the people of the whole country

Then entered the meeting agenda. The meeting resolved to certify the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Year 2020, to appoint auditors for the year 2021, plans or projects to carry out activities in the years 2021-2022 according to the Act on Political Parties, Section 23, plans and projects received. Receive support from the 2021 Political Party Development Fund, plans and projects operated by party funds, 2020 party performance report, consider amendments to the Party Articles of Association, Election of the Party’s Candidate Nomination Committee. and the operation of the party as an executive and legislative branch according to party policies

Mr. Nikorn Chamnong, member of the list of MPs and party director said at the meeting that At the meeting of the party executive committee on November 19, it was considered to determine the policies that will be used in the elections, with 6 policies, namely 1. Policy on natural resources and the environment. because it is related to people In addition, it will focus on policies on rice and farmers. 2. Going forward with a referendum asking for a constitutional amendment by giving people the opportunity to participate in the appointment of members of the Constituent Assembly (Sor.) However, the issue of amendment will give the people the right to consider because he believed that giving people the opportunity to participate would solve the country’s political problems. 3. Decentralization must be concrete. especially the decentralization of power to the Sub-district Administration Organization. 4. The social aspect will focus on creating a warm family. 5. Real economic policy especially in tourism and 6. Education

Mr. Warawut said that the people’s constitution amendment Have you asked us if you agree with the draft amendment to the Constitution? So how can you tell that it is a people’s constitution? Because of the hundreds of people sitting at the party general meeting today, they were not asked whether they agreed or not. which drafts the real people’s constitution Must listen to the voices of the people of all 67 million people across the country. Not just one hundred thousand or two hundred thousand people. We don’t have to brag or invent beautiful words against this person, we focus on our work.

However, he believed that an election would take place. but not now Because this government and this council will expire on March 23, 66 or another year. next election We are aiming for 30 MPs, both of us, my brothers and sisters, and Ms. Kanchana, shoulder to shoulder through the election battle in 2019, which was the first time in my life that I almost died. until almost unable to survive But we got 12 people. We are not a big political party yet. Can’t do politics in a hurry because it comes fast, it’s coming on, it’s going fast, it’s going strong

“2 The Silpa-archa brothers and sisters still stand to stay with politics and the DPW, even if they cover their faces with soil, they won’t run away. Now I’m 48 years old, and the party leader is about to say hi. He would work in politics for a long time and then leave. I was born with the NROT and will die with the NRTA. I want to work for another 40 years and I will rest, but now I pledge to stay with the NROT which is not a big party. But it’s a big family,” said Mr. Warawut.

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