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Thiruvananthapuram ∙ KCA President Jayesh George said that the sponsors are disappointed with the number of spectators at the Kariyavattam Green Field Stadium, where the 3rd India-Sri Lanka ODI will be played. The crowd will see an obstacle to the hopes of being a venue for this year’s World Cup at least. Jayesh George told Manorama News that other societies will use this as a weapon.

The ticket price was determined in discussion with Sports Minister V. Abdurahiman. But he supported the minister’s statement about rates. The President is also of the opinion that the Minister has not studied about KCA. It is also possible that someone has misled the minister. Jayesh in Thiruvananthapuram said he could have tried to add fuel to the fire.

It’s the season of Sabarimala, Pongal, CBSE says that exams are going to start in schools… Then competition comes here continuously. The competition comes three months after the competition was held in September. Such a situation does not occur. Even if we get two games, there is a significant gap between them. All this may have had an effect’ – said Jayesh George.

Jayesh George said that the comment made by the minister without studying is disgraceful and he will visit him and convince him. ‘We will visit the minister. He said these things without studying or knowing about the Kerala Cricket Association. Everything he said was misinterpreted by someone. At this point someone must have mistaken the oil for the fire. Otherwise, he doesn’t need to say it.

Less than 6,000 tickets had been sold until the night before the game. Kariyavattam Sports Hub Stadium has around 40,000 seats. This is the first time in the history of an international cricket match held in Kerala that not even a fifth of the tickets on sale have been sold.

Although attendances at ODIs are generally declining, other reasons have been cited for such a lukewarm response. Not only the allegations made by Sports Minister V. Abdu Rahiman against the Kerala Cricket Association and the ensuing controversy, but also the campaign to boycott the game after the government raised the entertainment tax was also disgrace

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