The Ministry of Commerce renewed the HR tax exemption on tin steel for another 6 months.

Trade renews exemption from HR tax on tinned steel “Tinplate * Without Tin” for the third time, another 6 months, despite the dumping but consumer scare Consumers are hit hard.

Kirati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce reveal that the committee is consideringAnti-dumping and subsidies (ATT) with Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade as chairman on November 10, 2022.It was decided to renew the exemption of anti-dumping duty (AD) for tin-coated steel sheet, in coil and in coil (tin plate). originating from China, South Korea, Taiwan and the European Union (EU) and productsChromium-plated or coated steel sheets, in coils and in coils (not tinned) from China, South Korea and the EU for another 6 months or until May ’23 After the tax exemption mentioned above expired on 12 November 2022, this was the third renewal of the tax exemption.

“Although the consideration of dumping is still true. But IAT also considered the benefits of domestic industries, consumers and the public interest in accordance with Section 7 of the Anti-dumping and Subsidies Act 1999 as well, because if the A tax were to be collected Da will affect consumers of both a type of steel that will have higher costs. and finally, consumers will be affected too.Decision to extend the exemption from collection for a further 6 months.

However, in the past, Thai manufacturers of such steel as well as industrial users such as canned food have been talking about it all along. to find a common solution that will benefit all parties with the Ministry of Commerce as coordinator and reduce conflict

Previously Mr. Wisit Limlucha, Vice President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and honorary president of the Deli Food Manufacturers Association Indicates that the renewal is exempt from the collection of HR tax. make the competition of Thai entrepreneurs especially food producers that cannot be compared with other competitors in the world market If Thai entrepreneurs have to pay HR tax it will cause higher production import costs and affect the competition

The reporter reported that Ministry of Commerce An investigation into the anti-dumping of two types of steel products from four countries has been filed by Thai steel producers. because there is dumping (Set the selling price in Thailand lower than the original country price) so damaged by imports. And after the investigation, it was found that dumping is true in Thailand. therefore collecting HR tax for 5 years from 12 November 21-13 November 26, but because there are consumers which are a large number of industrial sectors such as the ready-to-eat food industry so it can affect the consumer and consumers So IAT exempted tax for 6 months from 13 November 2021 – 12 May 2022, renewed for the second time for another 6 months from 13 May – 12 November 22 and the latest renewal for the 3rd time

However, if next time IAT does not consider extending any more Non-thin from China will be charged 0-24.73% of the CIF price (price including insurance and shipping), South Korea 0-17.06% and Europe 18.52% at the end of 5 years. IAT will reconsider whether or not it is necessary to continue to collect the ADD duty. if not needed it will cancel As for tinplate from China, collect 0-17.46%, South Korea 0-22.67%, Taiwan 4.28-20.45% and Europe 5.82% until November 2026. and revise it after 5 years


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