The Ministry of National Defense “The picture in the Armed Forces Day commemoration video is not our military equipment”

The Ministry of National Defense acknowledged that the images in the video released at today’s Armed Forces Day ceremony are not our military equipment, and said it was a source of regret.

The Ministry of National Defense said, “The pictures in the video are not military equipment, and the wrong pictures have been included in the video production process.” “He has stated his position.

On the 74th anniversary of the Armed Forces Day ceremony held today at Gyeryong University in Chungcheongnam-do, a video titled ‘Dissolving the Armed Forces’ was released, raising suspicions that a picture of an armored car from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army had been inserted . into the video.

After the ceremony, an online community posted a post comparing photos of armored vehicles moving in line with those of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Photos of Chinese People’s Liberation Army armored vehicles were uploaded to the community on July 28, 2015 on the Korean website ‘China Network’, a news website managed by the Chinese Foreign Press and Publication Office and the State Council Newspaper Bureau, in posts related to with the army of the People’s Liberation Army of China, etc. Confirmed.