The Ministry of Public Health coordinated requests for information from South Korea after a woman was found infected with the virus after returning from Thailand.

Dr. Thanarak Pliphat, Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control Referring to the news report that the Korea Department of Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) has found the country’s 16th new case of the new coronavirus, the latest case is a 42-year-old woman and returned from Thailand. news received He is coordinating with the South Korean Department of Disease Control regarding the results of the preliminary investigation and laboratory results. in order to delete information It used to work in order to see if this patient is actually infected. Where would the infection come from?

“I would like to look at it in a common sense way that Chinese people in Thailand can still get sick. still can infect Thai people in general, when tourists go anywhere they tend to go in groups Where there are many tourists, Chinese and Korean people tend to travel in that place. So the chance of tourists infecting each other is theoretically possible.”

anyway Confirmed that Thailand is still at the point where the spread of the virus is still at a limited level as before. But this news did not affect Thailand’s risk assessment level at all. We already have low risk opportunities to come into contact with people infected with this disease in Thailand. But if the spread of the disease in Thailand continues undetected for a while, we may have an increase in the number of patients. And when there are more infected patients in the country to a certain point Thailand’s risk level will increase.

“Now we are doing our best to find as many patients as possible. and he will look for the person who touches him to take a history of coming to examine the body, detect the infection and follow the person who touched him for a while.

Regarding the latest situation of the coronavirus infection in Thailand, on February 4, at 8:00 am, there are still 19 cases, 8 cases have returned home, 11 are still being treated in the hospital, while the patients under investigation criteria A total of 492 cases must be monitored, screened from the airport, 43 cases, 449 cases were treated in hospital, most of them Chinese. 119 were allowed to return home, most of them infected with the seasonal flu virus. 373 hospital treatments still, and on February 3, 7 new patients were found to be under investigation.

Dr Thanarak said that having met an infected person in the country, he was a taxi driver. Cause us to work in two areas: to look out for Thai people together and to look out for people traveling from abroad too

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