The Ministry of Public Health downgraded the level of the “EOC” center for smallpox after the patient tended to deteriorate.

Opas Dr Karn Kawinpong Director General of the Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) He said that after reports of the outbreak of smallpox or monkeypox (monkeypox), the Department of Disease Control has established a Public Health Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in case of monkeypox. for departmental level surveillance Since the end of May 65

Later, when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared smallpox a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), the Ministry of Public Health held a meeting to prepare a response to the situation. and upgrade the Center of the FCW to the level of the Ministry Make surveillance orders are covered throughout the country.

However, from monkeypox surveillance and surveillance, it was found that the situation of new cases worldwide is clearly decreasing. From the highest in August 65, around 1,000 cases a day, now there is an average of 580 cases a day.

for Thailand A total of 8 cases of monkeypox were found in a period of 4 months, an average of 2 per month. The majority of them had a history of changing sexual partners, 3 of 7 had a history of showing symptoms before returning to Thailand.

The main linking factor was close contact through sex. This is consistent with WHO data and from tracking high risk exposure. No further infection has been detected. Shows that the disease is not easily transmitted. Therefore, it is proposed to lower the monkeypox EOC center level from the ministry level back to the department level as before.

Even downgrading the CCC zero to department level But monkeypox is still an infectious disease that requires vigilance, so when suspected cases are found, reports and investigations must be made. which is from the analysis of the number of laboratory tests It was found that there were patients who sent for laboratory tests But the investigation into the disease has not been reported to the Disease Control Department. Therefore asking public and private hospitals throughout the country Case reports for suspected monkeypox to increase the intensity of monitoring the disease situation further.” Opas said Dr

Section on preventing monkeypox Avoid close contact with people who have fever, rash, blisters, pustules around the body. Wear a mask while in close contact with others, wash your hands often with soapy water, and avoid having sex with multiple partners. or a stranger If symptoms such as rashes on the body, pustules, blisters, pustules, blisters, scabs, fever after, sore throat, headache, muscle pains, and swollen lymph nodes are suspected You can be tested for infection at a hospital near you home immediately.

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