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The Ministry of Public Health says no vaccination against COVID-19 causes 100 times more deaths than injections

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August 20, 2021


Ministry of Health reveals deaths last week Never vaccinated 60% Complete 0.6% dose vaccination 100 times difference

at 13.30 n. date 20 August 2564 In a press release on the situation of COVID 19 of the Ministry of Public Health on the issue of vaccination against COVID 19 In Thailand, Dr. Sophon Iamsirithavorn Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control said that on 19 Aug 2564 Thailand has increased vaccination. 651,606 Dosage is divided into needles that 1 quantity 442,435 the needle 2 income 201,318 cases and needles 3 7,853 Accumulated income 25,818,666 Dose is a needle that 1 quantity 19.586,666 the needle 2 quantity 5,705,200 cases and needles 3 quantity 527,457 There are at least people who have received the vaccine. 1 needle and thought 27.2% fully 2needle 7.9 %

The results of each month’s service are constantly increasing. From the period of Mar.-May 4 million doses Jun 6 million doses Jul.8 million doses and Aug. to date 19 Aug 7.8 million doses, expected to reach the end of August at least 10 million doses of the synovac vaccine 12,099,070 Dos AstraZeneca 10,897,029 Dos Sino Farm 2,339,330 Dose and Pfizer 483,237 Total dosage 25.8 million doses

The target group that has been vaccinated is medical and public health personnel. outpost Volunteers with chronic diseases 7 age group 60 years and older, pregnant women and the general public which if it can cause a group at risk of infection to have severe symptoms and death get vaccinated thus reducing the number of deaths in Thailand As for the vaccination for foreigners in Thailand, the cumulative vaccination 356,337 income by 5The first place with the most injections was Myanmar, China, Cambodia, Laos and Japan.

Risk of death, which is the latest 240 Half of the cases are in Bangkok, and the vicinities with severe outbreaks before. Primarily Thai nationality, but also Myanmar and Chinese. Age 60 years or more 162 income accounted for 68 % people with chronic disease 46 income accounted for 19 % together 2 This group thinks 87 %

For those who died from COVID-19 and history of vaccination 25Jul-19Aug 2564 split into 1.who have been fully vaccinated 2 needle at least before the onset of illness 2 week 26 income accounted for 0.6 % younger 60 year 21 More than 60 year 5 income received the synovac vaccine 2 needle 24 Income received from Astra 2 needle 1 income and received Sinovac, followed by Astra 1 income 2.received astra 1 needles before the onset of illness 2 week 316 more cases before the onset of illness 4 week 118 income 3.not vaccinated 2,969 revenue 63.8 % And there is no data on vaccination in the doctor ready and the data do not match. 874 As you know, the likelihood of death is reduced when vaccinated. But it can still happen in people with underlying diseases or the elderly.

“Tendency of death Currently about 1 week Thousands are cumulative totals. 7 day, it can be seen that the range 3 Last week in Bangkok started to slow down and not increase again. tends to decrease slightly and the perimeter are in a similar situation by 2 This part totals approx. 50-60 % while the information for Bangkok, which has the highest vaccination for the elderly at this time, by the beginning of July32 % .take about 30 days until the beginning of Aug. 86 % Currently at the rail 92 % It helps to reduce the chances of getting sick and dying in the elderly. It can be seen that the average death rate in 7 The days did not increase quite steadily. Therefore, when the overall inference Vaccination coverage in the Bangkok area for the elderly has reduced the number of deaths,” said Dr Sophon.

Dr. Sophon said that the goal is to help reduce the number of deaths. will expand the operations in this section. by the elderly in the area 13 The most restrictive and strict provinces have at least coverage. 1 the needle is at 63 % While the Ministry of Health aims to ensure that the elderly in these provinces receive at least vaccination. 70 % by the end of Aug. which will have to do more 424,454 Dosage will reach the target. It is expected to expedite the process. Therefore, if people help bring the elderly in the family to receive the vaccine during this month, they will see the elderly in 13 This province is immune to COVID.19 Other zhongwa Set targets within Aug. must receive at least 1 needle 50 %

“As for September’s plans, most vaccines will go to provincial areas. Focus on the elderly and and those with chronic diseases To increase vaccine coverage in other areas as much as possible, at least 70%In all areas, hopefully with faster and more widespread vaccination. This will improve the overall picture of preventing serious illness and death in various areas,” said Dr. Sophon.


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