The Ministry of Science and ICT is implementing a ‘Special Investigation Inspection Team’ for LG Uplus… Checking the Response System to Successive Cyber ​​Attacks |

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) announced that they would expand and reorganize the ‘public-private joint investigation team’ previously operated for LG U+ into a ‘special investigation inspection team ‘.

This is because recent cyber attacks targeting LG U+ have increased public damage such as leakage of customer information and failure of Internet access.

The inspection team, led by the head of the Network Policy Office of the Ministry of Science and ICT, includes the Korea Development Institute and domestic security experts (network security, simulated hacking, digital forensics, intrusion analysis, etc.). They quickly and thoroughly examine the overall information protection response system, including LG U+’s cyber crime prevention and response and related security policies.

The Ministry of Science and ICT previously judged the massive leak of customer information from LG U+ earlier this year as a major breach, and conducted an on-site investigation from the 11th of last month. A joint investigation team was established.

However, on the 29th of last month and again on the 4th of this month, a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on the LG U+ information and communication network caused repeated access failures for some customers using the Internet wires.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Science and ICT decided that the LG U+ information protection prevention response system needs to be examined in more detail, and decided to implement a ‘special investigation inspection team’ which included a number of private security experts from the 6th.

The inspection team will intensively examine and analyze the overall system and related problems of LG U+ cyber crime prevention and response along with a comprehensive case analysis of recent incidents, and based on the results, will submit action plans and improvement measures as soon as possible as possible. Expected.

The Ministry of Science and ICT strongly warns LG U+ management about the lack of a basic breach response system as LG U+, a major telecommunications operator, has experienced consecutive Internet access failures due to these DDoS attacks. ensure that the action plan of the action plan is clearly implemented.

Minister Lee Jong-ho emphasized, “We are aware of this series of accidents as a serious situation that can lead to paralysis in the people’s daily lives,” and “Based on the results derived from the investigation team and special inspection, remedial measures are the responsibility of LG U+ and insufficient We will push for institutional improvements, including amendments to laws and regulations, such as reorganizing the response of major information and communication service providers to intrusive incidents so that there are no interventions often happens again.”

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