The mission was completed in ten days; Award for Booth Level Officers : Nattu Visesham

The mission was completed in ten days; Awards for Booth Level Officers

Friday, 23 September, 2022 12:50 PM IST

Next: Polling of voters in their booths due to fewer days The work of linking Ter ID card with Aadhaar card has been completed. The results are excellent.
168 Nanpar booth included in Mattathur Village of Puthukkad Mandal Pradeep Churakadan, BLO, and his wife, BLO, booth 169, CG Pradeep deserve this achievement. Pradeep Aadhaar-Voter ID Ka is expected for 10 days at booth 168 with 1300 voters. Completed connecting rds.

In booth 169 with 979 voters, CG Pradeep did this job for nine days. In the ceremony held at the Collectorate, District Collector Haritha V. Kumar thanked him by giving him food.

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