The Mississippi school property fits with flooding due to Louisiana's structure, legal claims

The government of the federal government of the Mississippi River flows through the Old River Control Structure to the north of Baton Rouge after repeated flooding of some of the value of farmland owned by school board in three Mississippi county occupies Mississippi state in legal law completed Monday (February 12).

The state responds to the breach of the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution's requirement that federal government can compensate landowners when "some of them" or the total value of their property are being taken.

The legal case was filed in the United States Claims Court in Washington, D.C., Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, Mississippi Attorney Jim Hood, and Clare County, Natchez-Adams and Wilkinson school areas.

The Old River Control Structure was designed, completed by the Army Engineers' Corps in 1963, to transfer most of the Mississippi River flow to the Atchafalaya River. Upgrade to Old River after the flood of 1973 that broke almost three of the structures. In 1985, Vidalia's city was built by Sydney A. Murray Hydro Electric Station using water passing through one of the structures to generate 192 megabytes of electricity for local use.

The Conference claimed that more than 30 percent of Mississippi flows through the structure into the Atchafalaya. This split guarantees freshwater levels in the Mississippi River to the south of Baton Rouge enough to use the river as drinking water supplies in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, as well as more than 190 petrochemical plants and other industries along the river .

The Atchafalaya River will get more water from the Mississippi River to help wildlife

The high flow levels, as well as the dilution of the river mouth at Boats in the South West Park reduce the cost to the corps and federal government to keep the mouth of the Mississippi River sediment free and portable vessels at sea vessels.

In their legal observance, Mississippi officials point out that Congress and the choir do not consider the consequences of Old River complexes on public school grounds, and they did not buy "fluid rights" from The school boards, which give rise to higher water due to the structure to flood their land.

Today's legal affairs mean that the structure is actually pulling only 23 percent to 25 percent of the Mississippi flow into the Atchafalaya, and if it's more water being released, more sedimentary after staying in the Mississippi, narrowing its channel about 2,600 feet and raising the bottom of the river.

The river basin of the Mississippi river could be transferred to the river Atchafalaya in the other mega flood

In a presentation to the American Geophysical Union on December 2017, the research hydrologist of Louisiana State University, Yi-Jun Xu, warned that the entry in the above river and below the Old River structure could transfer the river to channel Atchafalaya during major river flood event.

Such a change would move from the Gulf of Mexico as a result of moving the Mississippi River to threaten the drinking water supply for 2 million people. It would also be the freshwater aquifer that Baton Rouge uses for drinking over-salted drinking water.

Xu did not face flooding in Mississippi during his presentation.

But Mississippi officials say the dilution and rising river bed, as well as other actions that take the choir to concentrate and shorten the river to eliminate curved offshore fires, as a result of more severe flooding and more Most flood days of more than 7,900 acres, or 12.4 square miles, of land owned by the school in counties of Adams, Claiborne and Wilkinson.

That land is used for recreation and wood growing and autumn, the suit said, with money from the use that supports public schools. The school boards should be paid at least $ 25 million for the lost value of their property, which the suit said.

"This 8,000 acres owned by Mississippi states, we believe it is being turned into a permanent reservoir," said Hosemann by Luan.

He said that only 75 days of flooding was recorded in the area from 1950 to 1972, and recorded more than 1,000 days from 1973 to 2016.

The Republican, who is running a lieutenant this year, said that he appealed to the Mississippi River Commission in 2016 to get relief. The commission oversees the levees and dams involved in preventing flooding and improving navigation across the river.

Private property owners in southern Mississippi made an increasing flood complaint in recent years, while Hosemann acknowledged that successful in the state's legal application, private landowners would probably continue.

Despite the declarations in the legal course, Hosemann said that the state did not yet study the river water flow, which meant that scientifically the Old River massage is the flood of increased flooding. Hosemann said that such studies would be carried out over the coming two years at a cost of $ 50,000.

Flood driving may also have other factors. Some experts say that there has been an increase in development per hour and more water is being carried out at the same time. In addition, in the last three years, the Mississippi has unusual holiday appliances with a serious waste that may be associated with climate change. Historically, the highlights of the Mississippi were in spring of the year.

The Associated Press helped this story.

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