The Missouri weather system makes purple with winter weather consultants

by Elyse Smith's Meteorologist

Winter Weather Advisers for 10th February, 2019

Winter Weather Advisors will expand almost Missouri's total state as the first weather system to bring rain, sleet, and snow on Sunday.

Winter Weather Consultant starts at 12 a.m. Sunday and lasts to 12 p.m. do Chariton, Saline, Pettis, Benton, Camden, Morgan, Miller, Maries, Phelps, Pulaski, Cooper, Howard, Randolph, Moniteau, Cole, Boone, Callaway, Audrian, Montgomery, Osage, and Gasconade County.

A mixture of rain, snowflakes and snow will be introduced Saturday through Monday to Sunday and will last through the first half of the day on Sunday. Roads may be slippery early on the morning of Sunday as the precipitation begins to fall and accumulate on roads.

With temperatures below the night on Sunday morning, the first type of redemption is likely to occur to fall. As this system moves northwards through the morning and temperatures rise near the freezing, there may be rainfall and rainfall during noon.

The snow totals may be at least 2 inches, at least to the northern area of ​​I-70. The rest of the middle of Missouri could get dust before solution transfers that sleet.

This is because this forecast is tricky, again, when temperatures like precipitation drops.

Below is a screen of Futurecast at 7 a.m. Sunday.

With the straight line straight towards I-70 rising to the sun, snow and sleet may fall at the same time throughout the region with crop temperature, above or frozen. The precipitation is likely to fall as snow on Sunday, but the amount that it falls will be the temperature adjacent to the surface.

It is also possible to see areas of central Missouri that there is no redundancy, but it may also be possible for slippery roads on Sunday morning.

The unlimited surfaces, bridges, overpasses, and neighborhood roads are the most prone to slick.

To check road conditions, click on the MoDOT Traveler Map here.

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