The molds bloom The 30% remaining salary is not true, I’m shocked! 2,000 teachers in Korat are at risk of bankruptcy

shock! The problem of the national mold Big debt – 30% of the remaining salary is not true 2,300 pensioners in Korat are being sued for bankruptcy.

At 1:30 pm on June 3, in the 200th Anniversary Hall of His Majesty King Mongkut Rama IV, Sutthachindawarawihan Temple, Muang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, teachers and educational personnel under educational institutions in the 32 districts of the province. Nakhon Ratchasima, 210 people, most of them government officials and pensioners affected by debt problems Participated in a meeting with the People’s Network for Debt Resolution of Thailand

which is an activity to create awareness and understanding of 5 issues: 1. Identify yourself 2. Information about co-operatives and financial institutions 3. equipment regulations 2008 4. systems and mechanisms for driving 5. life goals

Sompool Wannathong Mr network representative National Debt Solution of Thailand revealed that opening a forum to educate and find a solution to debt problems was partly caused by salary deductions that did not meet the 30% requirement.

Now there are 900,000 teachers out of 1,400,000 people across the country, 30% of them have problems. Tip must average the debt so that the debtor can survive. By allocating 70% of the salary to pay the debt so that the remaining 30% is in the fact that the teachers’ cooperatives and financial institutions are all removed.

If abandoned, teachers will enter the process of bankruptcy, leading to auction sales. Land and various assets to pay debts Therefore, the government had to issue an Emergency Decree to slow down prosecution and auction. Conduct collateral negotiations and mediation leading to rehabilitation and fair settlement of debts.

Mrs. Oranee Krachangpho The coordinator of the group of friends to help fellow teachers fight the case revealed that the verdict of the Administrative Court on September 26, 2019 requires teachers to pay 70% of debt from various loan sources and the remaining 30% such as living expenses. The fact that teachers’ cooperatives and financial institutions do not adhere to the practice has removed salaries from the beginning, causing many incomes to be negative as if there was a 30% Thip that the new government has to take it seriously. Raise a national problem and recruit representatives from relevant agencies to join the committee to alleviate debt problems making teachers have a good quality of life Fully dedicated to teaching

Sompong Intarason Mr The pensioner said that Currently, there are about 2,300 fellow teachers in Nakhon Ratchasima province who are in the process of filing bankruptcy lawsuits from financial institutions and are in the position of guarantors to pay their debts instead. Concerned about those who are still serving in the government service, if they do not pay the debt according to the conditions, they will be released from the government service. on retirement Money earned from jobs and academic positions was written off, as were debt payments. As a result, less than 30% of the money received, the government has to amend the law. For example, teacher savings cooperatives do not need to have a single source. Consider monopoly and a source of treasure, including consider extending the repayment period and reducing interest rates fairly

Sopha Chantachaya Former famous elementary school teacher I am ready to reveal my life that my status has a total debt of 4 million baht, not including the debt from the guarantee of the group of teachers, the teacher’s quality of life development project from financial institutions. They must be grouped together of 5 people Recently, 2 people filed for bankruptcy, causing the common guarantor to pay about 1 million baht in debt instead.

Currently, it is in the process of implementation. Her husband died 15 years ago and she is now a single mother with a monthly income of 6-7 thousand baht from breeding and selling alkaline plants in the flea market, including special teaching. who looks after an 87 year old mother, a disabled son in bed, and grandchildren who have had an accident until they are disabled, having to bring up all 4 lives, relying on the disability allowance to lighten the burden


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