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“The money backed by the agency… ”Loona’ with Chu, a serious situation has been reported

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It is reported that Blockberry Creative, the agency of the group Loona, has not paid even the choreographers.

Below is the official Instagram for LOOΠΔ

‘Loona’ choreographer A posted an article on Blockberry Creative’s financial difficulties on Instagram on the 30th and said, “Give me a job, and politely, I proceeded with this ptt activity even if I didn’t pay in 2020. Check and check all drafts So, please deposit it. Until today, September 30.”

Below is Mr. A's Instagram
Below is Mr. A’s Instagram

He continued, “I’m really sorry to all my choreographers who believed in me and worked with me until now. Please wait a little bit. I worked because of Loona, who always works hard. There was an unpaid amount before ptt activities, but it will be paid out in August or September. “I believed that it was and proceeded with the choreography. It’s embarrassing that agencies shouldn’t spend money if they don’t have money. Please make a clean deposit.”

In a phone call with Wikitree, Mr. A said, “I’ve been making ‘Loona’ from the beginning. I always worked because of them, and I don’t get a lot of money. The agency always said ‘Please wait’. Starting in 2020, it will be around 80 million won.”

Regarding this, I contacted ‘Loona’s agency Blockberry Create to hear the position, but I did not reach them.

The problem of settlement of the group ‘Loona’ came up in the MBC web entertainment ‘World is You One Chu’, which was broadcast on the 17th. To Defcon’s question, “Are you okay with your settlement these days?” Chu replied, “No, not yet.”

Chu’s remarks were also controversial at the time. This is because Chu has recently filmed 5 solo commercials, and is also making regular appearances in entertainment programs such as ‘Steel Troop’ and ‘Law of the Jungle’.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that Blockberry Creative, the agency of ‘Loona’, suddenly notified the outsourcing company and personnel to stop working after not giving them the money they had to pay. It is also known that wages were delayed within the company.


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