The more altruistic children are, the healthier they are.


altruistic behaviordoing Childthe more healthThe research result came out. In addition, such altruism is higher than that of high-income families. middle-class familyIt was also found to be common in children of

altruismsilver congenitalwith an innate mentality and acquired educationis a complex result of Jonah Miller, a researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Davis, USA, who led the study, said, “This study is altruistic behaviorthis Home Income and Physiological HealthIt shows how they are intertwined.”

According to previous studies, individual Help that requires sacrificethose who give physical healthYou get this improved advantage. While previous studies were conducted on adults, this study expanded the scope of research on children.

children’s nervous systemgo altruistic behaviorCheck how you react to family’s financial situationIt has been analyzed in relation to


the research team average 4 years oldThe study was conducted with 74 preschool children. Play with the children one by one, and at the end exchange for goodsThat can be tokenexplained that they would distribute

With parental permission, children’s bodies have the ability to collect physiological data. electrodeconnected each data is heart rateWow vagus nerve tensioncontains information about

Vagus nerve tension is a means of measuring the influence of the vagus nerve. vagus nerveconnects the brain with other vital organs stress responseto regulate physical abilitymeasure

Levels of vagus nerve tensionis high differencedo stable state of mindlooks like This psychological state is Physical health, social functionThe research team explains that it has a positive effect on


At the end of their play with the children, the research team found that tokensecond another childto concessionI asked if I could do it. The research team created a fictional character called ‘sick child’ and explained that there is a child who cannot visit the laboratory.

And the steps to explain the tokens, decide whether to donate tokens, finalize the token box, etc. 3 steps in totalchildren across vagus nerve tensionanalyzed. As a result, sick children I’ll give you a tokenchildren who said vagus nervethan this elasticity there is softnessappeared to have The vagus nerve is more flexible physiological regulationThis means that it is done more effectively.


the research team The importance of parentingalso mentioned As a result of confirming the association between family income and token sharing, wealthy environmentThe more children grown up in tokensecond unwillingness to shareshowed

than wealthy children. middle-class kidtheir tokens willingness to shareThe research team found that middle-class children had more health benefitswas expected to get In addition, he explained that this will work to offset the stress caused by low income after becoming an adult. This study was published in the Journal of Psychological Science.

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