The most anticipated Boston Restaurant Breaks 2019

2019 wants to work especially in the Boston restaurant, for better or worse – it was seen during the week early in the year, and in the final days of 2018, there was a restaurant closure with including some main routes. But it was also quite open, with many more on the horizon: The bubble is growing.

Below, visit some of the most anticipated food openings 2019, a year that is looking good for French food, Italian food, and beer, in particular. There will also be details of Cuban, Tagalog, and Mexican food – and many more.

Informing new projects in each of 2019 – expanding local brands as well as brand new concepts from big-name cookers. And do not forget about food halls. A fancy term could be said to a food court, but whatever you call them, some are coming this year and beyond.

In terms of geography, it may not be surprising, the newly-developed Port Area aims to welcome some new spots this year; It is more surprising that they are really from local owners, an exciting neighborhood development that looks like a bigger magnet for bigger chains outside the home. Outside the Seaport, diners in Dorchester and Cambridge and Porter Square may have a good year, and beyond, Medford is also looking lucky in 2019.

Read on to find out more about many of the upcoming restaurant openings in Boston and nearby. (Note: As usual, rough estimates are open and they often change timelines. Stay for updates as the year goes on.)

New Family Breakthrough Projects

Meatballs by Tony & amp; Elaine's

Meatballs – already won – from Tony & Elaine directly (Ward 8 hospitals, Bodega Canal, and North Square Oysters)
Sarah Storrer / Eater

First of all, the center was given some spots that have already opened within a few weeks of the year:

  • Karen Akunowicz The front desk is already present at the Boston (and longer) restaurant, although its brand new restaurant, Fox & the Knife (28 W. Broadway, South Boston), the first time as the founder / owner. Formerly, the longtime acting chef was Myers + Chang (where she was the ultimate partner), she is also a winner of James Beard, Top Chef alum, and author cookbook. The new center opened in early February is an Italian inspired enoteca, located in the former Maiden space in Southie, where it goes to the skills she learned to do Study of pasta during the year in Modena in Italy.
  • Michael Scelfo it has followed an attractive opening to Alden & Harlow and Waypoint: the Longfellow Bar (40 Brattle St., Harvard Square, Cambridge), located in the old Algiers Cafe space over Alden & Harlow. There are finger finger foods and bar snacks, such as cotechino pudding in bratty, "nachos" classes, and burgers, as well as creative booths. Diners are encouraged to ban and get spiral tools.
  • Loic Le Garrec and Sandrine Rossi who is behind Frankie beaten in Frenchie (Petit Robert Bistro is also the Le Garrec, and in early February, they opened a French restaurant on the other side of the river – Colette, located on the ground floor from the Porter Square House (1924 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge). Cyrille Couet, Honey album and co-owner of the Bistro Duet are now open chefs.
  • René Becker Cambridge Shepard (1 Shepard St.) was closed on the New Year's Eve and opened it Luce, an Italian restaurant with more casual vibe and pizza menu, pasta, and more. Other members of the Shepard team are still on board, including the chef of Scott Jones, Nic Mansur's director, and general manager Ben Weisberger.
  • Nick Frattaroli He added to his North North Empire (Ward 8, Oyster Square Square, Canal Bodega) Tony & Elaine's (111 N. Washington St., Boston), located in the old Amici space. The name refers to the parents of Frattaroli, who spent the two years working at restaurants in the neighborhood, and the restaurant pays tribute to the classic Italian salts while suffering from another Frattaroli food.
  • In other news in Northern Ireland, the community spirit Carmen Trattoria, closing in the neighborhood in mid-2016, lives on Jeff Malloy on new restaurant, The cucina, by the Somerville Assembly (400 Row Row). The restaurant serves the pasta, the brates, and the larger, and the decoration makes notes for the unique history of the neighborhood.

And here's still to come:

  • Tiffani Faison and Kelly Walsh they will continue to build the Fenway Empire in 2019. They already have three three Boylston trips – Sweet Cheeks, Southeast Asia Tiger combinations, and an adult snack bar "Fool & Err" – and it will put a quarter of restaurant steps away. Orphan, the Italian restaurant, take part in Nathálie Winehouse in the Pierce Boston building (188 Brookline Ave., Boston) in the summer of 2019.
  • Nancy and Tim Cushman – Both wife and husband have a mysterious project lie behind O Ya's famous sushi destination, as well as Fenway izakaya Hojoko's fun and some restaurants in New York – at Knocknock Street. They put a "neighborhood" restaurant and said it would open in 2019, but they did not yet have any further details. In addition, the Outdoor Market has two spots open to the Fenway hall; Jump to the "food halls" section below for more. (TheTony Maws, The Michael Schlow, The Peter Hungary, and more will also be opening market restaurants.)
  • Michael Serpa, the long aluminum Neptune Oyster has chosen to choose Choose Oyster Bar in Bay Back a few years ago, working on a Selected Sequence with its team. Grand Tour, nominated for European cycling races, Parisian bistro is located at 314 St. Newbury, Boston, right around the corner since Selected. Opening around the 2019 fall, it will be a two story space with 50 seats and seasonal patio. "I was really trying to open a place where frites have legit strips there," Serpa said. "One of the best things to eat is – simple, delicate, not fancy. I love good steak frites."
  • Bronwyn and Tim Wiechmann – of the Bronwyn Union Square to Somerville, as well as the existing T.W. Bia and Playska – opening a 50-seat cocktail bar and a wooden pizzeria phase from Bronwyn in May or June 2019. T and B Pizza It will be located at 251 Washington St in the heart of the Union Square.
  • Chris Parsons – which was behind Winchester's land Catch and Parsons restaurants, now closed and later became a party and opening a chef at Steel & Rye in Milton (not involved) – a fried chicken restaurant is being opened, Lily P, in winter or spring 2019 inside the Genzyme headquarters in Kendall Square (50 Binney St., Cambridge). The restaurant will be spacious (about 200 seats) a live music host, and there will be a patio. Parsons could be behind an upcoming restaurant known as the Oyster Club, slate to take the former Doretta Taverna space at 79 Park Plaza in Boston.
  • Chef and casual Eater Boston contributor Steve "Nookie" Posts (Commonwealth) and Liza Shirazi (Crema Cafe) with two sites for its new, Revival (Alewife and Davis) cafe. But look forward to finding out more in 2019: They are opening a revitalized Lobbying version at the Post Office Square only in Boston Post (and one employee's cafeteria in the building), and other plans are tackling They love them well. Mothership The works are still in Alewife, for example. The first word was to be a beer hall, but since December 2018, the staff must "still be there[s] work out exactly what is the first time, and then happen, "against the latest Eater conductor.
  • Brothers Alvaro and Andres Sandoval, which is behind the pursuit You got Fast food cascades and Mexican restaurants, a full-service restaurant and a tequila bar will be a bit this year, El Tacuba, right in Medford Square (35 Salem St)
  • Over Chelsea, Ciao Pizza & Pasta owners Edson Coimbra and Marvin Posada they have been working on a new project in nearby space for a while: Winnisimmet Lounge (73 Winnisimmet St.), where they serve piattini (small plates), with a full bar. The construction is well run, and it can open around March in the late.

New Locations for Family Projects

Loukoumades at Greco

Loukoumades from Greco, extending from Back Bay to the Marine District this year
Rachel Leah Blumenthal / Eater

Here's a look at some of the forthcoming expansion of the existing restaurants in Boston:

  • Gustazo, the Cuban restaurant in Waltham, extends to the old Elephant walking space in Cambridge Port Square (2067 Massachusetts Ave.). The design of the cocktail menu is Sam Treadway Backbar & # 39; s. The hiring is ongoing; The restaurant will be open this year.
  • Paris CreperieAn improved site is being presented at Coolline's Brookline Crescent, in the Composting Area, comparing a cocktail floating-based list that affirms local cocktail personality, Brother Cleve – in the Patrick's District of Dublin in 2019 (60 Seaport Blvd.). It will be in the same building with Tuscan Kitchen and the Grand.
  • Back Bay is also extending to the Muirport Greco, Greek acute spot with ties to Committee. Like the original site, Greco Seaport (located in the Quay office building 4) will serve steep, loukoumades, and more; unlike their older ancestries, it will also serve woven wines and beer that is also imported.
  • And that's not all for Pier 4: Cnoc na Coille Table out in Concord coming to the Seaport District as well. Kristin Canty's farm-to-table restaurant is currently open for late 2019, most likely in October or November.
  • Taqueria popular Jamaica measure Chilacates The works are well expanded, with brand new sites at Knocknac and Hill of Mission that opened every month in early February and other departures coming soon to South End and Roslindale. The Southern site could open in mid-February.
  • Boys A & B, Beverly has a full service restaurant that focuses on burglars and has a full bar, extending to West End Boston – at Beverly, 101 Beverly St. Expect, milkshakes, and more.
  • One of the various newspapers for Medford in 2019: The Porch, formerly located in Wakefield, in a large space at 100 Rivers Edge Dr., featuring Southern food, live music, retail department, and patio. It may be open in the second half of the year; As of January, the scheduled building was due to be completed in early June.
  • See the "food halls" section below for more details on the forthcoming Fenway Outdoor Market hall, but Anoush her and Donuts Square Square The two extensions are there.
  • Another magnet of new receipts for local restaurants: Logan Airport. The airport is receiving satellite sites of tonnes of Boston-area classes this year, including Shōjō, The Santarpio's Pizza, The Sullivan's, The Saloniki, The Alta Strada, The Restaurant & Tavern Monument, The Trade, The Tico, The Your Media is not Joe, The B. Good, The Mija Cantina & Tequila Bar, The Tasty burger, The Monica's Mercato, The Temazcal Tequila Cantina, and (based on Waterford) Otto Pizza.

Beer Here

Lovejoy Wharf, Night Shift

Home in the future Night Shift Brewing at Lovejoy Wharf
Brewing Shift Night [Official Photo]

Initially, the existing breweries that are extending to new sites:

  • Common Everett Brewery Night Relaxation, to season seasonal beer (also referred to as the Nead Owl) in Cambridge and Allston Common, opening a huge new crew at Lovejoy Wharf in West End Boston (1 Lovejoy Wharf, Suite 101) in early 2019. It's a screen, an all-day coffee bar, a space outside the season (which will be dog friendly), full kitchen, and more.
  • Boston Beer Company is taking a new screen of its names historically Samuel Adams brand, right in one of the most historic areas in Boston, the Faneuil Hall market. It will take over the post-Hillstone space at 60 State States. The original wizard (and the quick quick room) will also apply in West West.
  • Favorite Framingham Abby Jack opening startup, Track Noise, inside the Boston North Station, changing existing bar. So, it's a gradual transition, but it remains tuned for a full official start. Ultimately, there would be 10 records of a beer from Jack Abbey and his lack, Springdale.
  • Chelsea's Brewery Mystic extending to Malden (11 Charles St.), allowing the growing brewery to increase its output from 3,000 barrels per year up to 20,000. The brewery and room will be in the new space, with indoor and outdoor seats, room for food trucks, and cheese counter (thinking of cheese plates, charcuterie and grilled cassette). When Malden's facility is open, the Chelsea will only be performing in a particular capacity – it may continue to be a fast-paced room in the public, or it may have a production space him.

And keep watch on these brand new breweries as well. (Note: For weekly beer-related updates, bookmark this page.)

  • Mystic Brewery is not the only beer development in Malden: a known Brewpub Faces – a link with the Police and Games that are about it, as well as a Faces night club – open at 50 Pleasant St. Construction started in late January.
  • Plans for Brewhouse & Kitchen far in the works; Although the brewery and restaurant are being built in Dublin, near Boston Landing, the team continues to continue at events and places throughout the Boston area, serving sausages, grilled cheese and more.
  • Construction is taking place for Brewing Divide Company, opening in Roslindale at 2 Avera Belgrade. Some of Hoppily Distracted's early beer, "a smooth, sharp citrus explosion with peculiar and tropical fruit tips" will be included; Bank on Brown, "sweet, delicate brown lover"; and RoslinPale, "a pale lover just full of crisp, clean finish."
  • The Ralph Brothers and Vito Bruno, behind Boston Winery in Dorchester, are working on a brewery opening just near the door, Bruno Brewery. The plan is to start seven or eight beers, only available on site, although the Brunos can explore distribution at a certain point. There will be IPA New England, porter, stout, and more.
  • BearMoose Brewing Company being built in Everett (1934 Revere Beach Pkwy.) – and will be Deep Cuts Deli, a sandwich and music-loving business that was going around the Boston area since the summer of 2018.
  • And beyond the city, there are many breweries and scanners in the works for 2019.

Out of Towns With Extended Plans

Taiyaki cones

Taiyaki cones
Taiyaki / Facebook

New York City and DC & Pizza Milk Bar, opening together in the Harvard Square in early February, but some other chains outside the town are open in the area, including:

  • Chicken & Bucktown Fish: Bucktown in Providence is a anti-service operation focusing on Southern comfort food, including fried chicken. Boston's location – 1522 Tremont St., Mission Hill – will not be the same, with a larger space and selected program, service menu, drink and seafood.
  • Noise Double: A vegan pizzeria from New York. It could open around spring 2019 at 163 Newbury St. in Bay back Boston Bay.
  • Falafel Inc.: It's been in a while, but Falafel Inc. DC to add to Kendall Square at a certain point. The aim of the restaurant is to help feed refugees and help with open licenses. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Poke Burri: The wavepoint continues to be based on "sushi", "sushi" pizza, "sushi" "dog", and more. The company has not yet shown a launch or opening the timeline for its future Boston location.
  • Taiyaki NYC: Unicorn mobile phone in shaped fish cones. Taiyaki slated is open in the Seaport District – 121 Seaport Blvd. – around spring 2019.
  • Tsurutontan: With places in New York and Hawaii but there are roots in Japan, this chain shows growing. It will be in the Hotel Commonwealth at 500 Ave. Commonwealth.
  • Veggie Grill: This casual chain is extensive from the West Western coast, starting with the location of the Harvard Square which should be opened around spring 2019 at 57 JFK St.
  • Zuma: There are worldwide locations in the London-based Japanese chain. Boston's forepost will be opened at One Dalton's building in Back Bay in the spring.

And a couple of people already out there who are outside of Boston-area are already following their local expansion:

  • Gyu-Kaku: There are hundreds of centers at the Japanese barbecue chain based on California, including in Brookline and Cambridge. The new one will be at Boston South Bay in Dorchester.
  • Midici: The Neapolitan pizza chain, located in California, opened its first place in New England by Somerville Assembly in early 2018. Like Gyu-Kaku, it is expanding to Boston Bay Bay.
  • Totto Ramen: The New York ramen chain already has sites in Allston and Row Assembly Assembly; like Gyu-Kaku and Midici, he is in charge of Boston Bay Bay.

Food Halls

Render Out of the Boston Market

Render Out of the Boston Market
Elkus Manfredi Architects

Multiple food halls have a rod to open in 2019 and longer; you'll get the total money here. Maybe it is the first time: Out of Stock, going towards spring opening at 401 Park in Fenway Boston neighborhood. The dining hall has already announced some of its vendors, including Tony Maws (Craigie on Main, the Kirkland Tap & Trotter), which will be popular with the Craigie burger popular; Tim and Nancy Cushman (O Ya, Hojoko, and the forthcoming Chestnut Hill project), which will be two Outdoor Market kitchens, which include a mix of Japanese foods inspired by O Ya and Hojoko; and others.

Bakeries and Cafes

maple bacon union square donuts

Bacon Maple Donuts & Donuts & # 39;
Terrence B. Doyle / Eater

Initially, the expansion of existing local brands:

  • Blackberry Duns: With locations in the South End, Fenway, and Harvard Square, Blackbird has expanded to Brighton thereafter, opening early at 100 Holton Street. The satisfactory location will include production space as well as store stores.
  • Tatte Bakery & Cafe: This local coffee chain has explosive growth over the past year or so. Coming up next: second place in Downtown Boston, the 12th Tatte. It will be at One Boston Place (201 Washington St) and it should open in March. The first downtown center was drafted in January.
  • Donuts Square Square: The Somerville boutique shop, which has locations in the Boston Market and Brookline Bank, will be part of the forthcoming Time Time Time market in Fenway (see the food halls above).

And a couple of newbies:

  • Goldilox Bagels: Coming soon to Medford (186 Winthrop St.), Goldilox Bagels will serve bags on their own and in various forms – pizza meals, egg and cheese sandwiches, bagel Benedict, and more.
  • Popover King: Opens a rod at 74 Canal Street in Boston West End, Popover King will serve a variety of sweet and tasty pockets, as well as bonuses, pastries, sides, local coffee and more. The company is currently looking for investors. The construction has already been completed, and Popover King could open in the second quarter of 2019.
  • Vine Bakery: Vina Bácús was born as a community within Bagelsaurus, getting the space in Somerville Union Square in this spring (222 Somerville Ave., the Pizza Pizza space next to Bantam Cider). It is hoped that you will find English muffins and other English baked goods.

This is not an exhaustive list of every restaurant opening expected by 2019 in the Boston area – but examples of exciting spots to watch it. Keep an eye on the open news of Eater Boston's restaurant here; join in the Eater Boston group of Facebook to chat about everything Boston's food; sign up for the newsletter (below) for a week's sales of news of the day; and email tips to if there is an upcoming opening that should be on our radar.

188 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA 02215

2 Béalgrád Ave., Roslindale, MA 02131

251 Washington St., Somerville, MA 02143

50 Binney St., Cambridge, MA 02142

111 N. Washington St., Boston, MA 02114

401 Park Dr., Boston, MA 02215

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