The most common in two Nevada basketball loss this season

Wednesday night is not a good night for Nevada basketball team.

The Wolf Package with San Diego State, 65-57, lost by Viejas Arena, the third ban directly on the Aztecs. The Nevada loss fell from 11th to the NET rankings until the 22nd day. In addition, it sits on the edge of Part 3 Loss, already Nevada.

This result, as well as Fresno's surprising home loss, allowed Air Force, Wolf Pack to win Quad 1 only. Nevada suburbs are made up as follows.

Step 1: 0-0

Step 2: 8-1

Step 3: 7-1

Step 4: 9-0

It is likely that seed No. 5 probably, although there are still some tough games at the Mac tíre Pack to boost this. And we can relaunch the Wolf Pack 24-2 this season. That is a great record. It is a record that Nevada fans would have been easily taken before the season began. But can we draw anything out of two Nevada losses? Did there be similarities in the New Mexico State and San Diego State? We look at the wrong things in those games.

The games were on the road

Nevada does not miss at home (55-5 at home about Eric Musselman). The road is more vulnerable. Not normal every team. But the crowds were gigantic in both games (12,702 fans in Albuquerque and 12,414 fans in San Diego) had an impact, and his opponent. The Wolf Pack will not face the NCAA Tournament time. If anything, the Package of Macau will have a favorable crowd as long as it plays in the San Jose State or in Salt Lake City, which may have been possible despite the latest reset. The remaining four most of the remaining western remains in the West would be Nevada.

There were rounds

Nevada lacks caring for the ball. The 10 countries in the game are the seven years. But a loss, the issue was great, especially a live ball turned. In both games, Nevada held the ball more than 14 times. In Los Angeles, losing 20 points (the Lobos score 27 points fast). In the loss of SDSU, these were 19 points, almost all of which came in the first half. The Mac tíre Package is not a turnover problem, but when it crashes the ball is extremely endangered.

Too many people

"In both losses, we often went on," Musselman said at the time on the Jim Rome Exhibition on Thursday morning. It's true. Due to the veteran nature of Wolf Pack, you would like to think that the course would remain when the harm is hit and the game plan will continue. He has done most of his home, but he has not always done the road. The ball did not move well against New Mexico or San Diego State. Nevada in the two games was only 11 assisted by a minus-three operating margin to turnover in each. In 24 wins, Nevada has a average of 15.8 for a night with six plus turnover margin. Nevada can not panic when it comes behind and playing a hero ball.

Pounded on the glass

Nevada did not have a lot of teams as we thought it would go into the season, but it's over the average, leaving a 2.9 recurring margin in 24 wins. But it was important to discourage him about 10 in the loss to New Mexico and nine losing the San Diego State. Nevada has only 16 offensive rebounds at 83 losses in those games. That is 19.2 percent, which would be the worst 14th of 353 Section I. It allowed 26 bad rebounds of 84 compulsory losses. With a 69 percent defense recovery rate, which would be the second worst in the nation of 353 D-I teams. Nevada is destroyed on the glass in its loss.

Duration and physicality

Nevada is courting the West Western team many times and it is better than physically that it can not be threatened. That is not the case against New Mexico and SDSU, two physically-looking teams like Nevada. SDSU's duration and insistence depend on the Wolf Pack content. SDSU plays a man-to-face other than using the zone that most of the cars were employed against the Mac Package. The clips that left their teams and Nevada did not let the free line often, which is a great part of its game. In the NCAA Tournament, Nevada needs to face almost exclusively and athletics like New Mexico and SDSU.

The shot was 3 points out

Nevada shoots 34.2 percent from three, which are 176 in the nation. That is literally the central step of D-I teams. This is not a wonderful 3-point shooting team, but it's not bad too. But in New Losses in New Mexico and SDSU, the Wolf Pack was hit by three, shooting 11-47 out of the arcade (23.4 percent). It did not exceed 28% shooting in either loss. Go time NCAA Tournament, Nevada can not build sub-30 percent shooting games from three.

Stars are not stars

In Nevada, Caleb Martin, Cody Martin and Jordan Caroline, there are 33.5 points shooting 20-of-71 (28.1 percent). They shot 27.2 percent in the loss of SDSU and 28.9 percent in the loss of New Mexico. In 24 Nevada won, the Wolf Pack Trip is 49.6 points per game at 404-of-848 shooting (47.6 percent). So, you're talking 16.1 fewer points per game while shooting 19.5 percent worse from the field in those peaks.

So, your formula is there if you want to beat the Wolf Pack. Get Nevada at your home court. Turn over the team more often. He crush on the glass. Hope Nevada panics and plays a hero ball. Have a NBA length. Force Nevada in night shooting. And shut down through the team's stars. That's what happened in the first two Nevada losses this season. It's not an easy formula to follow. But Nevada is striking if you do all of these things, as did New Mexico and San Diego State – two fair media teams – this season.


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