The most sour indie LEMONY sends the “Anyway” MV to convey a message that it doesn’t have to be great. Try it and be successful!

After launching against the trend, serving a full course album with 7 tracks in a row and releasing the first music video “Pam Nac yddy i …?” which has the same name as the album. call out loud And the good reaction of the fans made the 4 young men “LEMONY” (Lemony) extremely proud! With “Team-Anan Puanirand (lead vocals), Raek-Kanin Kumprasit (guitar), F-Songpol Dejsuwan (bass) and Champ Sittikorn Kladpetch (drums)” an indie Brit Rock band that carries freshness and sourness with a distinctive character. with the most captivating performance to watch From the Sanam Luang Music camp in the GMM GRAMMY group, go ahead!! Continue to release the 2nd music video “Anyway”

“Here you go” is a fun modern song. which invites listeners to go out and do things they have never done In order to find something new in life and this work also has the opportunity to work with award-winning producers from Sweden with quality works global as How are you? also, until the latest MV has passed 2 hundred thousand views since the first 2 days (counting views until October 22)

The team lead singer told us about this song, “Don’t try, don’t know” is something I have used as a motto since childhood. I told my friends Whatever you want to try, try it, so we’ve been writing this song together. Don’t just try it in your own apartment! It’s a really fun song when we’re working on the song “Aros”, the opening track of the album. Why don’t I…..? which is the second song they chose to make a music video This song is another song that everyone in the band has released, whether it’s the sound of drums that have more details than other songs. An acoustic guitar that focuses on bright sound instead of crackling. or a line bass that is played by capturing the feel of other instruments before coming out as the bass heard in the song. The words want people to listen. After listening, I want to go out and try something. That doesn’t mean what you do has to be great. We say what we really feel. without saying too much while writing lyrics I think I want to invite people to come out and try something new. For example, if he felt that the things he encountered every day were boring. Would you like to try it tomorrow? If you normally take the bus every day Try switching to the train for a day, that’s all.”

for music video The team said “As for the music video, this song is still directed by Ladie Goodman (Pan-Monsikarn Unnam) from the first music video. Why I don’t……? Let’s expand the meaning of the song, let’s continue, by bringing the story of childhood curiosity to convey. Ready to attract big actors “Alek-Suraphon Poonpiriya” came to perform again, where Alexandre is like another voice that helps to ask ‘Aye Aye’ and encourages you to try it no matter what. By conveying through “Nong Winwin-Nattaphas” the point of view of a boy who has a story to try. Choose to try without wasting too much time asking yourself questions For us LEMONY, ‘Wait,’ there are many things we can think of. But one of them is a piece of music that we used to ask when is the time. and this is our time Before making this song We may have had some restrictions, it may be because of the music genre in the past as well. But when introspective to make new songs we had an opportunity and independent of Sanam Luang Music who is ready to push What’s going on? “This was also the first demo the band sent to producer Eric Lewander. At the time, I was very excited if he liked our song or not. Would you be happy to work with us? It turns out his really liked it. So it became the beginning of working on music for the whole album. When the opportunity and time comes, let’s let go of each other in ways that have never been done before. We thought we would giving our 100% best in every song, especially this song we put our ideas to the limit since the first day we talked. Anyway, I’d like to leave all our works.”

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