The mother-in-law who died in a car accident received the compensation… and drove the “21-year-old daughter-in-law with her 5-month-old granddaughter” out of the house in seconds | INTERNATIONAL | QUANTITY

A 21-year-old single mother in Anhui, China, runs a delivery to support her daughter. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)

It is very difficult for a woman to take care of children! A 21-year-old mother in labor in Anhui, China. Her husband died in a car accident when her daughter was 5 or 6 months old. Her mother-in-law preferred sons over daughters. She can too bear the responsibility of caring for children, and the sad experience cannot help but burst into tears.

According to “Qilu One Point”, the woman should have been a student at her age, but she was already a mother, and she chose to run labor, earning RMB 7,000 to 8,000 a month, “able to take care of children.” Why do you have children so early? He calmly said that Jiangxi married early, and as long as you didn’t study, someone would have a blind date with you.

The woman became a mother at the age of 21.  (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)
The woman became a mother at the age of 21. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)

The woman mentioned that the reason why she left her hometown to work alone in Anqing was because her parents had not agreed to take care of the child alone. “Since she gave birth, I must be responsible,” but she also understood: “My mother is for my own good, she is I’m sorry for her own daughter, but I also feel sorry for my daughter. She (daughter) is the life I want to live.” Fortunately, I met many kind people during my work. When the birth can’t take care of my daughter, I will put my daughter at home In the familiar McDonald’s, “the staff took great care of her (daughter)”.

Women need money to raise their children.  (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)
Women need money to raise their children. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)

The woman plans to earn money to raise her children and let them go to college in the future “You can’t get married as early as me”, and revealed that her short term wish is to buy a small house, not too big, before as long as her daughter can live with her Together, the eyes are full of hope. She can also understand her mother-in-law’s behavior of taking the compensation, because her mother-in-law is old and has a teenage child “She also lost a son.”

The woman said optimistically: “I’m still young, I feel I can afford my daughter.” In the latest video, she admitted to her daughter: “As long as my daughter is not bullied, I am worthy of happiness, the world is very big, happiness is very small, and I have none very good conditions for you, but I will try my best to make you live well and protect you.”

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