The mother is strong, the husband died in a car accident, the 18-year-old woman was driven away by her grandmother, who was driven away by her grandmother.

It is not easy for a single mother to look after her children alone! He married a girl from the mainland at the age of 17, but her husband died in a car accident the following year, leaving her and her half-year-old daughter behind. The mother and daughter were kicked out of the house from their grandmother, and they have been self-reliant ever since. Carrying her daughter on a motorcycle to deliver food every day, but she never said bitterness, thinking that as long as she can raise her daughter and allow her to go to university, all the efforts are worth it.

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The interview video has recently gone viral on the Internet. In the video, a young woman in labor in Anqing, Anhui Province is seen drinking water and resting on the side of the road, when she attracted the attention of the interviewers. The girl said surnamed Chen in the interview that she is 21 years old this year, because of the local minimum The monthly salary is only 3,000 to 4,000 RMB (about 3,300 to 4,400 Hong Kong dollars), but the monthly income of food delivery is 7,000 to 8,000 yuan (about 7,700 to 8,900 Hong Kong dollars), and I can work with children, so I choose to be a takeaway.

The interviewer was shocked when she heard the words, thinking that the child she was talking about was her younger brother and sister. Chen Nv then explained that Jiangxi people generally get married earlier, and their marriage is not out of impulse. She got married aged 17 in 2018, but unfortunately her husband died in a car accident the following year when her daughter was only 5 or 6 months old. Less than a month after her husband died, her grandmother drove her and her daughter away after receiving the compensation.

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Driving a motorbike with a woman to deliver food

Since then Chen Nv has become a single mother, taking care of her daughter alone and earning money by delivering food to support her family. At first, she would carry her half-year-old daughter on her chest while riding a bicycle. motor Go for food delivery. As for the procedure for buildings without elevators, he said with a smile, “Who will climb the stairs if young people don’t climb?” She doesn’t think life is hard either,

“What’s so hard about this? When will you suffer if you don’t suffer hardship now? OK? You’re only 21, and it’s time to suffer hardship.”

She revealed that the reason why she left her hometown in Jiangxi to work in Anqing was because her parents did not agree with her taking her daughter, thinking that she could lead a better life at a young age, but she believed since she chose do that. give birth to a girl, she should be responsible. However, she also understands her parents’ feelings, “My mother is for my own good. She loves her daughter, but I also love my daughter. She (daughter) is the life I want live.”

Looking to buy a house and send my daughter to college

Chen Nv pointed out that she had met many caring people in the past two years, and when she couldn’t take care of her daughter when she delivered food, she would entrust it to the fast food restaurant staff to take care of her. When asked about her plans for the future, she hopes to buy a house in the short term and earn money to put her daughter up for college: “You can’t get married as early as me!”

As for the grandmother who kicked her out of the house that year, Chen Nv pointed out that her grandmother was old and had just suffered the loss of her child, and had a teenage child to take care of, so she could understand each other. Grandma now gives her some living expenses every few months. She believes as long as her daughter is healthy, safe and happy, everything is worth it.

“I love my children very much, and I will not give up on my children. I do my best and see the will of God. As long as my daughter is healthy, safe, happy and free from bullying, everything I do is worth it. Although I don’t have good conditions for my daughter, I will do my best to make her live well and secure her three meals a day. My ( daughter) is my happiest life.”

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