The movie “Immortal Evil” is officially launched, and the head of the small town is involved in the funny and dangerous situation of young

Source title: The film “Unfortunate Evil” is officially launched The small town chief is involved in the funny situation of the young and the Dangerous.

The film “Immortal and Evil” was officially launched on iQiyi on November 27. The film was produced by Shaanxi Landun Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Hubei Yueyinchang Film and Culture Media Co, Ltd, and Enshi Juxinyuan Asset Management Co, Ltd, Enshizhou Huayu Tianxin Film and Television Culture Media Co, Ltd, co-produced by Two Bit Entertainment, directed by young director Xu Xin, starring Cheng Dong, Zhu Yongtang, Liang Tingwei, and Wang Wen, is telling the story of an unlucky restaurant owner who accidentally rolled over. It’s a funny story of taking part in the battle of the young and the Dangerous, and finally helping the police to eliminate the evil forces.

The film

When it comes to Young and Dangerous movies, what everyone thinks of is brotherly loyalty, gang shopping, and murderous scenes. But if an ordinary and unlucky small restaurant owner is involved, what kind of great chemical reaction will be produced? This is how the film “Immortal and Evil” breaks the traditional film model of young and dangerous boys. It takes the little people as the starting point, and through one anti-conventional joke after another, still “eyeballs” of the audience and enters the “heart” of the audience. By repeatedly upgrading the content, it talks about the kindness and anger in the “Jianghu” in the new era.

The story revolves around a strange car accident encountered by Jiang Hao (played by Liang Tingwei), the small owner of Jiangdong Restaurant. At the time, Jiang Hao was at a low point in his life, he was dumped by his girlfriend, cheated out of all his savings by his friends, and had a huge debt. But it was such an accident that caused Jiang Hao’s life to be dramatically reversed. It turns out that the person he ran into by mistake was Gao Yi, a debt collector sent by the Hong Kong underworld boss Yue. At this time, Gao Yi not only accidentally lost his memory , but it also carried millions of dollars. lie, he tricked Gao Yi into being the chef of his own restaurant, and he got this huge amount of money logically. Gao Yi’s inexplicable disappearance has attracted various evil forces to appear in the small town of Jiangdong, many forces intertwined and crossed, each with its own thoughts. At the same time, Gao Yi’s daughter, Gao Xiaoman, who came to Jiangdong to find her father, found the local police and jointly investigated her father’s disappearance. They were all looking for this man who was hit by Jiang Hao and lost his memory for various purposes…

The film

The film interlocks elements such as power struggle, loyalty, and human nature, showing the main character’s attachment and pain when faced with human choices, and the light of kindness when he wakes up. Faced with the temptation of money, Jiang Hao may have wrong thoughts, but in the end, being kind, he chose to cooperate with the police to defeat the evil forces together. Whether it is the gang leaders in Hong Kong or the local gangsters in Jiangdong, they cannot compete with the well-trained public security organs, and the end result is their own destruction. In the detailed investigation and arrest work, the public security organs directly attacked the real and sinister side of the black and evil forces, interpreting the true power of justice. The film fully shows the country’s determination and confidence in fighting evil forces and maintaining people’s living and working in peace and contentment, and social stability and order from a film perspective.

The film

In addition to the hard work of the team behind the scenes, the cast of the movie “Unforgettable” has also been pleasantly surprised. The collaboration of many ace actors from the old series of Young and Dangerous films and outstanding young actors makes this film the icing on the cake. Leading actor Leung Ting-wai was nominated for Best Actor at the Tokyo International Film Festival for his outstanding performance in the film “No Problem”. In collaboration with many older people this time, he was not behind, and vividly interpreted the unlucky and miserable little people in a big city. Hong Kong famous actor Cheng Dong, young and dangerous veteran actor Zhu Yongtang, young actors Wang Wen, and Xu Jin, all familiar faces appeared on the screen, immediately adding flesh and blood to the film.

The film

It is worth noting that Xu Xin, the director of the film, is a young and progressive director who has directed many film and television works and won many awards. The film “Invisible You” was shortlisted at the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival, and the microfilm “If Love Forgot to Go Home” was shortlisted at the Sichuan Golden Panda Television Festival. The “Immortal” he directed this time also won the Best New Director Award at the Hong Kong International Youth Film Festival, and was successfully shortlisted for the 12th Beijing International Online Film Festival. In the era when young and Dangerous films emerged in an endless stream, director Xu added comedy elements on the basis of keeping strong action plots to make the story more three-dimensional and fuller. The careful polishing of the team behind the scenes, together with the actors’ attitude of not being afraid of hardship, only brings excellent work to the audience.

From the film’s point of view, “Fighting Evil” shows that little people can also lend a helping hand, helping the public security organs to fight together against evil forces. The dark, humorous atmosphere is closely combined with the highs and lows of the conflict between good and evil. Come to iQIYI on November 27th to experience this different kind of young and dangerous world!

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