Home Entertainment The movie “Lion Boy” exposes the character poster of the “receive” version and the ink style awakens the blood of “wuxia”_Sun Haipeng

The movie “Lion Boy” exposes the character poster of the “receive” version and the ink style awakens the blood of “wuxia”_Sun Haipeng

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Original title: The movie “The Lion Boy” exposes the character poster of the “receive” version and the ink style awakens the blood of “wuxia”

Sohu Entertainment News, produced by Zhang Miao and directed by Sun Haipeng, the domestically produced reality-themed animated film “Lion Boy” today exposed the “recruitment” version of the character poster. The poster is presented in the style of ink and wash. The characters in the poster have different shapes, or jump up in the air, kick sideways, or stand or squat, supplemented by the visually striking black and red contrasting colors, which makes things vivid on the paper. Oriental martial arts sense. The movie tells the story of the passionate and inspirational growth story of left-behind teenager A Juan, who has a dream of lion dance, and his friends formed a lion dance team, breaking prejudice, turning against the wind and creating miracles. The film is scheduled to be released nationwide from December 17.

Ink-and-wash posters have great visual impact

The “Received” version of the character poster is majestic, and the ink and wash is full of force, coupled with the visually impactful red and black color scheme, which releases a strong style of martial arts action. The protagonist A Juan, the former lion dance champion female A Juan, and the former “Lion King” Xian Yuqiang held a red lion head in their hands, each posing a volley, a sideways kick, and a flying pose; the protagonist A Juan’s friend The cat, Agou, and Master Azhen respectively squatted on the ground, beat the drums hard, and stood arrogantly. Each character is printed with a powerful black brush calligraphy. The words “Dare”, “Sa”, “Strong”, “Wild”, “Ying” and “Tough” are the character tags of their respective characters, and they are accompanied by the red color representing the lion’s tail. Silks and satin swept into the picture wantonly, full of handsome.

The film tells the story of A Juan, a left-behind teenager who is ridiculed and not favored. After a chance coincidence, after being encouraged by a girl with the same name as him, he determined to form a passionate and inspirational growth story with his friends Amao and Agou to form a lion squad. . The characters and personality traits in this group of posters are in sharp contrast with the comedy characters in the previous version of “Beautiful Boys Out of the Street”. How the story developed has also aroused many netizens’ curiosity and speculation.

Create a “Chinese Taste” animation blockbuster

The movie “Lion Boy”, as one of the few realistic animations in recent years, continues the “national style” gene of excellent domestic animation, and integrates the lion-waking culture into the story of young people’s dreams, so that the audience can feel the uniqueness of traditional culture. In addition to the charm, the high-burning and passionate temperament is vividly contrasted. The spiritual core that I want to bring to the audience is by no means limited to the growth of the thin teenagers, but through the true analysis of the low-level small characters, it will cause high-frequency resonance with real life.

It is understood that Zhang Miao, the producer of this film, has participated in many hit films such as “Wolf Warrior 2”, “Wandering Earth”, “I’m Not the God of Medicine”, “My Hometown and Me”. Director Sun Haipeng won the 2014 “Outstanding Animation Creative Talent” award from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. The “Bao Qiang” team founded by him has successively output a number of unique animated short films for the country. With the strong collaboration of industry giants, the film has also received high expectations from the industry and outsiders, and it is bound to set off a wave of “lions”.

In the face of doubts from others, how exactly does the protagonist A Juan lead her friends to break worldly prejudices and break through the cage of fate? The film will be screened on December 17.Return to Sohu to see more


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