The movie-necker helps Maradona to undergo a brain congestion.

4 November 2020 from the case of Diego Maradona, an Argentine legend Who recently celebrated their 60th birthday on Friday (30 October) was taken to the Olivos Hospital in Buenos Aires in their hometown with symptoms of anemia and dehydration (Read more“Diego Maradona” was seriously ill and was taken to hospital)

Recently, the hospital surgeon Dr. Leopoldo Luque has revealed the symptoms of the legendary footballer, saying that from the CT scan, there was a blood clot under the cortex. Causing urgent need for surgery

As soon as the sickness of this soccer legend was reported, Many of the Argentine football fans. Had gathered in front of the hospital With a shirt and a cloth banner writing a message of encouragement to Maradona

After the surgery, Dr. The operation passed, Di Maradona had a healthy and normal recovery. Expected to move from the ICU to the recovery room tomorrow (5 Nov)

Story by Nation TV | Photo by Nation TV


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