The movie “Unfortunate Evil” is scheduled to be released on November 27th to experience the funny world where young and dangerous boys were eliminated- China Entertainment Network

The film “Unfortunate Evil” was produced by Shaanxi Landun Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Hubei Yueyinchang Film and Culture Media Co., Ltd., Enshi Prefecture Juxinyuan Asset Management Co., Ltd., Enshi Prefecture Huayu Tianxin Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. Entirely produced and promoted by Two Bit Entertainment, starring Cheng Dong, Zhu Yongtang, Liang Tingwei, and Wang Wen, it is a realistic action comedy film that focuses on fighting crime and eradicating evil . The film was officially released on iQIYI on November 27, presenting to the audience a delightful and funny story about a small character involved in the underworld. The film is directed by the young young director Xin Xu, who has directed many film and television works, and has been shortlisted in the 21st Beijing University Student Film Festival, Sichuan Golden Panda Television Festival, etc. He won the Best New Director Award at the Hong Kong International Youth Film Festival and was successfully shortlisted for the 12th Beijing International Online Film Festival.

The film tells the story of Jiang Hao (played by Liang Tingwei), the small owner of Jiangdong Restaurant, who was forced into debt after encountering a trap designed by a friend, then accidentally ran into’ the evil gangster Gao Yi (played by Zhu Yongtang). After Jiang Hao sent Gao Yi to the hospital, he accidentally discovered that Gao Yi had lost his memory.

Jiang Hao, who was at a low point in his life, tricked Gao Yi that he was the chef of his own restaurant, and embezzled millions of Gao Yi’s cash. The inexplicable disappearance of Gao Yi has attracted various evil forces to appear in the small town of Jiangdong, Boss Yue (played by Cheng Dong’s gang) from Hong Kong, local forces Bao Ge (played by Wang Wen) and other forces intertwine, triggering and A series of funny stories with dark humor. However, not all illegal and criminal actions can escape the eyes of the public security organs. When the evil forces came to the surface, this is the time when the public security organs closed the net. Under the leadership of captain Wang Wei (played by Wang Yiming), the anti-crime and anti-evil task force launched a thunderous operation to stabilize social order, attack decisively, and finally eliminate the evil forces. There will be waiting for the evil ultimately be a fair trial.

In recent years, there has been an endless stream of special anti-crime and anti-evil themed films. “Unfortunately Evil” focuses on the changes in the mindset of little people when they get involved in gang disputes, and it leads to the the story of Hong Kong gangsters and local gangsters fighting sparks and courage with public security organs. . The film uses black humor to show everyone the scenes of violent debt collection, gang battles, and business-supporting gangsters and other evil forces entangled with each other. The development of the story is elaborate and ups and downs, and there is no shortage of “laughter” in the thrilling, fully revealing the mysterious nature of black humour.

The film

The evil forces in the film are sinister, cunning, and ruthless, but in the face of the vigorous actions of the public security organs, they finally surrendered. From conflict between the two sides to final destruction, the uncompromising nature of injustice is the film’s supreme theme in the fierce conflict. When confronting criminals, the public security organs carried out detailed investigations and arrests, which reflected their great efforts to ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment, and maintain social stability and order to stabilize the general social situation, strengthen the political on the ground of power, and protect the life and property of the people with firm determination.

The film

The film is directed by the young and progressive director Xu Xin. He has directed many films and film and television commercials, and won many awards.

The film “Invisible You” was shortlisted at the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival, and the microfilm “If Love Forgot to Go Home” was shortlisted at the Sichuan Golden Panda Television Festival.

Liang Tingwei, who played the leading role in the movie, once starred in the movie “No Problem” directed by Mei Feng. In November of the same year, Liang Tingwei won the Tokyo International Film Festival for his performance in the film “No Problem”. actor nomination. The little character that Jiang Hao played this time is a character that is closer to reality and down-to-earth. He has encountered all kinds of bad luck and participated in gang disputes. He can face danger to his life at any time. Although he also has the idea of ​​wanting to embezzle money for himself, the kindness is in his heart still make it decide to work with the public security organs to maintain social order. , Destroy the evil forces.

Zhu Yongtang, who played Gao Yi, played the role of nest skin / banana skin in the first three gangster films “Young and Dangerous”, and participated in the series of Young and Dangerous films “97 Young and Dangerous” and “98 Young and Dangerous “. Dangerous.” Enter the Dragon. As Young and Dangerous professional veteran Zhu Yongtang, what kind of surprises will this performance bring to everyone? Everyone can look forward to it. In addition, the actor joined Hong Kong celebrity Cheng Dong, outstanding young actors Wang Wen and Xu Jin also gave great performances to the film.

The thrilling action elements are organically combined with the ironic black humor. The film “Infernal Affairs” takes every shot in the film seriously with full sincerity, and presents the public security organs through brilliant plots that burn the brain and relaxed and funny expressions Action. Thunder, the French Open, justice ultimately triumphing over evil, will come to iQIYI on November 27th to experience this funny story under the gangster’s turmoil.

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