The Municipality of Doboj Jug has the smallest budget in the ZDK


Budgets for 2023 have been adopted in most cities and municipalities in the Zenica-Doboj Canton. As expected, according to the adopted Draft, the City of Zenica has the largest budget, followed by the City of Visoko, and the municipalities of Kakanj and Tešanj, while the municipalities of Doboj Jug, Usora and Vareš have the smallest budgets.
In Žepč, Olov and Breza, the largest allocations were made for capital expenditures
The budget of the Municipality of Žepče, which was adopted on December 22, at the 19th session of the Municipal Council, amounts to KM 12,150,000.00. As explained by the head of the Municipality of Žepče Mato Zovko and the assistant head of the Economic Service Namik Malićbegović, the increase in budget revenues compared to 2022 is visible from the planned revenues from VAT and income tax, of which tax revenues amount to 48 .88% according to the projection of the Federal Ministry of Finance. According to the plan, the inflow of funds to the Budget from VAT is estimated at 3,921,396.00 KM, and the amount from income tax in 2023 is expected to be 1,431,104.00 KM. Current support and donations from higher levels of government make up 28.59% of the total revenues of the Budget. The largest part of budget funds goes to capital projects, 32.98% of the total Budget or 4,007,400.00 KM. Among other things, capital expenditures are planned for investments and co-financing of communal and road infrastructure, equipping and projects of educational institutions, business zones, maintenance and reconstruction of city streets, public lighting according to the Ministry of Health, maintenance of local infrastructure, solving problems of the city boiler house, co-financing of the infirmary in Željezni Polje and maintenance and equipping of facilities of general interest in the area of ​​the municipality of Žepče and co-financing of projects by international organizations in EU funds.
The budget of Olovo Municipality for 2023, which was adopted at the session of the Municipal Council on December 29, is planned in the amount of 6,200,000 KM, which, compared to the Budget Plan for 2022 (8,032,000 KM), represents a decrease of 23%, i.e. for 1,832,000 KM.


“The largest allocations, in the amount of 2,672,000 KM, are planned for capital expenditures. Capital expenditures account for 43% of the total budget. The planned capital expenditures are: acquisition of land for the purpose of expanding the Golubište Business Zone, reconstruction of the building for the purpose of changing its use to a kindergarten, construction of street lights in the Municipal Health Center, exterior landscaping around the Ahi Evran Kiršehir Mosque in Olovo, construction of water supply in the Municipal Health Center of Thessaloniki and the Community Health Center of Jelaške, project hydro installation in the area of ​​the Golubište Business Zone, landscaping of the Zeleni vir Excursion (water supply, lighting, sewerage). From the reconstruction of roads and bridges, the following projects are planned: construction of roads in the vicinity of the Golubište Business Zone, construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Bioštica River behind the JZU BRC Aquaterm Olovo facility, construction of a bridge over the Bioštica River at the Zeleni Vir location, construction of roads at the Zeleni Vir picnic site location, road construction and arrangement of Gradina parking lot, reconstruction of Olovo-Han Pijesak road and Ajdinovići/Lišci road. Salaries and compensations for employees’ expenses in the total budget account for 23%”, Merisa Kaljanac, assistant to the head of the Olovo municipality’s economic affairs service, told us.
At the 24th regular session of the Municipal Council, held on December 29, the Budget of the Municipality of Breza was unanimously adopted, in the amount of 6,868,924 KM.
“The largest allocations, over 43% of the Budget, are planned for capital expenditures, i.e. infrastructure projects. Current costs have been reduced, and the financing of infrastructure projects has been increased,” Meliha Beširević, assistant chief for finance, inspection and general administration in the Municipality of Breza, told us.

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