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The Muslim League did not do justice; Fatima Tahliya says there is pain in the green issue

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Malappuram: National Vice President Fathima Tahliya said that the Muslim League did not do justice to Haritha, the women’s wing of the MSF. Green did not get natural justice. But Tahliya said he was not giving up hope in the party. Both the complainant and himself are committing suicide. Fatima Tahliya said the references to the ‘green’ Muslim League as a headache were causing pain.

No complaint was lodged except at the party venue. The Women’s Commission was approached when the solution from the party was delayed. Although difficult, she had to file a complaint with the Women’s Commission. Criticism has even been leveled that the Green Muslim League is responsible. Such references hurt. Tahliya said the Muslim League’s propaganda that women could not function was unacceptable.

The Muslim League has not issued an ultimatum. It was not because she did not have faith in the party that she went before the Women’s Commission. There is no disciplinary violation in filing a complaint to the Women’s Commission. No league leader would say it was wrong to go before the commission. It is a pity that Haritha did not get the natural justice that was given to those who made anti-woman remarks. Fatima said she was saddened by the move to freeze the green.

There is sadness in the action against the Greens. The grief will inform the party. Issues will continue to be raised in the party. He will stay with the complainants in the party. Fatima Tahliya said she had made her position clear when the controversy arose.

Fatima is also the founding general secretary of Haritha. Fatima told the media that she rejected all the justifications made by the Muslim League leadership and MSF leaders. The opposition has informed the league of the decision, which was frozen by the Green Committee.


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