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[smartPC사랑=이백현 기자] Recently, the 65% layout keyboard has become a kind of trend. In particular, in expensive keyboards or custom keyboards, 65% array or array products without ten keys are released first rather than 108-key full array keyboards. Cherry also introduced another 65% array line following the last MX LP 6.1, and Cherry MX LP 2.1 applied wireless, RGB, and low-profile switches to a 65% array and was light at 422g.


Model Name: Cherry MX LP 2.1
Color: black, pastel white, powder khaki
Switch: CHERRY MX LP (Low Profile) Red
Keys: 65% Layout (68 keys)
Keycap material: ABS laser engraved
Size: 307x99x25mm
Weight: 422g
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4GHz wireless connection
Cable: Detachable USB Type-C
Battery: 2800mA
Additional features: dedicated software, infinite simultaneous input
AS warranty period: 2 years

MX LP 6.1 ‘younger brother’ line

The Cherry MX LP 2.1 is a keyboard with a 65% layout that was released together with the MX LP 6.1 introduced last time, and can be said to be the younger brother of the MX LP 6.1. By applying plastic housing instead of aluminium, it became lighter and cheaper. The color of the housing and keycaps is also different. In particular, the MX LP 2.1 powder has a khaki color reminiscent of a chocolate bar, a square design, and pink esc and direction keys.

It forms a neat rectangle even when viewed from all directions, and the keycaps are densely set to give a sense of unity. Each corner has rubber backing to prevent the keyboard from sliding, and the height can be adjusted in two steps.

Cute design reminiscent of a chocolate bar
It’s a compact arrangement of 65% even compared to a non-denkey keyboard.
A USB Type-C terminal is placed between the 7 and 8 keys.
이음새를 찾아보기 어려운 일체형 하판. 모서리 부분은 고무 패킹 처리되었으며 높이 조절은 이 고무 패킹을 분리해 뒤집은 뒤 재장착하는 방식으로 가능하다.<br />“src=”<figcaption>All-in-one bottom plate with no seams.  The corner section is treated with rubber packing, and it is possible to adjust the height by removing the rubber packing, turning it over, and replacing it.</figcaption></figure>
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The cherry logo is applied to the side, and it also maintains a neat square shape.
In addition to the keyboard body, a USB Type-C cable, a 2.4GHz wireless dongle, and a manual are provided.

LP switch that goes well with the 65% arrangement.

As with the MX LP 6.1, the switches used red Cherry LP switches. An LP (Low Profile) switch is literally a switch with a low height. The 65% layout keyboard is particularly light and takes up less space, so the LP switch, which takes up less physical space, is suitable for space and design. Also, since the physical stroke length of the LP switch is short, relatively fast input is possible, and the advantage is that it can be pressed more lightly than a general switch.

Cherry LP switches have red and silver switches, and the red LP (Cherry MX Low Profile Red) switch has the same linear structure as the general Cherry MX Red switch. When the linear type switch is pressed, there is no additional force other than the repulsive force of the spring, so it is lightly pressed until the end of the stroke without any sense of input discrimination. The total stroke distance is 3.2mm, which is shorter than the red axis (4mm). The key pressure is the same at 45cN, and when you hit it, it makes a sound that can only be described as ‘squeaky’. A reinforcing plate is applied with a ‘Vicky’ structure, where the switch is open on the side.

LP red switch with linear structure
The LP switch is thinner than the normal red switch with the same linear structure.
The out-of-the-way structure where the switch is open on the side.
Lubricated cherry stabilizers are applied, and you can see the thin cherry red LP switches.

Reliable Cherry wireless technology

When I actually used it, what I particularly felt was the quality of the wireless connection. Some keyboards with poor wireless connections are slow to wake up when typing from sleep mode, which often causes some input to be lost. In addition, even when using a 2.4GHz connection via a wireless dongle, there are cases where the benefits of a wireless keyboard cannot be fully used, such as not being able to use it for games due to long latency.

On the other hand, the MX LP 2.1 almost didn’t feel the delay time so much that it was hard to tell the difference from the wires, and there was no case of key input missing even in idle mode with RGB has been turned off.

Control various functions with function keys

Function key combinations are very diverse, in addition to basic keys such as F1 ~ F12, home, and end, as well as media control keys (play / pause, next media, previous media), volume control, RGB effect control, wires / Bluetooth / 2.4GHz wireless control, etc. can be used as a combination of function keys, so many functions are included in the 65% array. In addition, the ‘cherry key’, which was a ‘similar’ element of the existing Cherry MX series, became a function to satisfy users who want cherry keys and those who don’t.

Cherry keys that can be used as function (insert) key combinations. You can also see the volume control function keys below.
Through a combination of function keys (function key + Z, X, C), the connection can be switched between wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth connection can be multi-paired with a total of 3 devices (function key + C, W, E) yes.


Like the MX LP 6.1, the Cherry MX LP 2.1 Khaki Powder is a new low-profile wireless keyboard from Cherry. It is a product that meets the recent trend with 65% arrangement and bright design, and has improved the completeness of the product with elements such as cherry switches, neat finish, and excellent wireless quality. The price is 169,000 won, which is cheaper than the full aluminum MX LP 6.1 (269,000 won).

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