The name of the Yokohama F.Marinos training ground has been decided as “F.Marinos Sports Park ~Tricolor Base Kurihama~”! | News

Yokohama Marinos Co, Ltd and Yokosuka City have decided to establish Yokohama F・Marinos practice in Kurihama, Yokosuka City from May 2019 in order to consolidate and strengthen the functions of the practice fields, promote sports-oriented urban development, and revitalize We have moved on to build the location.
We are pleased to inform you that the name of the training ground has been decided as part of the training ground will be open from January 2023.

F・ Marinos Sports Park ~Tricolor Base Kurihama~
(F-Marinos Kurihama Sports Park Tricolor Base)


Comment from Akihiro Nakayama, President of Yokohama Marinos Co., Ltd.

We would like to sincerely thank the people of Yokosuka City for their great efforts to maintain the training grounds for the start of the best team activities in the new training grounds from January 2023.
The name of the training ground announced this time, “Sports Park”, is not only a training center for the F. Marino stop team, but also a regional development center through sports where people in the city gather as an open space like a park. I hope I can become one.” In addition, in the subtitle “Tricolore Base Kurihama”, in addition to the wish that the athletes can train in the best environment in this base, this training ground will be a base our activities, with the hope that the city of “Kurihama can” create regional vitality.
I really hope that the new training ground will be widely loved by the citizens under this name for a long time.

Comment from Yokosuka Mayor Katsuaki Uechi

The F. Marinos training ground development project has been the most important policy since I took office as mayor, and I have focused on maximizing the appeal of Yokosuka, which I love, by creating a busy city through sport.
I managed to convey the thoughts of the City of Yokosuka, and I think I was able to include that element. I am really looking forward to unveiling today the name that will be called by fans, supporters and everyone else for many years to come.
Next season, F. Marinos will sail from Kurihama, Yokosuka. I hope you continue to sail steadily towards your first consecutive victory since 2003 and 2004, and your long-held desire to conquer Asia. Towards that goal, Yokosuka City, as a hometown, will continue to provide strong support.


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