The National Assembly is holding a hearing on school violence against Jeong Sun-sin’s son on the 31st.

The National Assembly decided to hold a hearing on the school violence of the son of Lawyer Soon-shin Jeong, who was appointed head of the National Investigation Headquarters and then failed, on the 31st.

The Education Committee of the National Assembly held a plenary meeting this morning, and the opposition party decided on its own to adopt a hearing action plan related to school violence by the lawyer’s son Jeong Soon-shin.

Representative Lee Tae-gyu, the people’s power secretary, attended the meeting and pointed out procedural problems such as dealing with the Agenda Selection Committee, and left just before the decision, saying, “The party’s position or argument is control is not reflected at all.”

The hearing will be held at 10:00am on the 31st, and 20 witnesses, including lawyer Jeong Soon-shin, will be present.