The National Defense Commission, a workshop to apply for a documentary witness… Noo “Across gold” 與 “There is no sanctuary”

Instead of the hearing of Joint Chiefs of Staff Kim Seung-gyeom, summary verification
“The North Korean regime cannot survive when it tries to use nuclear weapons”

At the plenary meeting of the National Defense Commission on the 19th, when the government began to be regularly questioned by the National Assembly, the opposition and opposition parties fought fiercely over the adoption of a state audit witness for former President Moon Jae -in. The policy investigation into the Joint Chiefs of Staff was conducted as a summary check of Kim Seung-gyeom, who was appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, without a personnel hearing in the National Assembly.

The Democratic Party of Korea opened the door to include former President Moon Jae-in on the list of those required to appear as witnesses on the side of People Power. Representative Kim Byung-joo, the secretary, objected, saying, “I am surprised and embarrassed,” and “I am very sorry for the request itself.” Kim Young-bae, a member of the same party, said, “There is a golden road. It reveals the complete intention of using the National Assembly as a forum for political dispute,” he said. Representative Ahn Gyu-baek also said, “Adopting and withdrawing witnesses in accordance with the party’s strategy is an arrogant abuse of power and right,” he said. Doubts arose that there was an instruction from behind rather than the idea of ​​the secretary of the ruling party.

In response, Representative Shin Won-sik, secretary of People’s Power, objected, “In 2017, the Democratic Party raised a precedent for adopting a witness for the former president as a national witness.” He continued, “I have never heard (directed) from anyone,” he protested. Representative Han Ki-ho said, “I would have called him if former President Moon was doing well in terms of national security. If the opposition and the opposition and the opposition parties agree not to accept witnesses , it’s fine,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kim, who was asked a policy question instead of a personnel hearing, said in his greeting, “If North Korea tries to use nuclear weapons, it will face an overwhelming response from the ROK-US alliance and our military, and ‘there is no scenario in which the North Korean regime can survive any longer.’ He will definitely print it,” he said.

Reporter Go Hye-ji

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