The National Education Committee started late on the 27th… Former Ewha Womans University President Lee Bae-yong as chairman

Lee Bae-yong, former president of Ewha Womans University, appointed National Education Commissioner [자료사진 제공 : 연합뉴스]

The National Education Commission under the direct control of the President, which will set the direction for medium to long term education policies, will be launched late on the 27th.

The Ministry of Education announced that the majority of the members of the National Education Committee will be formed on the 27th and will be launched on the 27th.

It was due to be launched on July 21st with the enforcement of the ‘Act on the Establishment and Operation of the National Board of Education’, but the launch was delayed due to a delay in the appointment.

The National Relations Committee consists of a total of 21 members, including one chairman at ministerial level and two standing members at sub-ministerial level.

On this day, the appointment of 19 people was completed, not including the two recommended by organizations related to teachers.

Lee Bae-yong, who served as president of Ewha Womans University, was appointed chairman of the Blue House Management and Utilization Advisory Group.

The standing members recommended by the National Assembly are Kim Tae-joon, former vice president of Dongduk Women’s University, and Jeong Dae-hwa, chairman of the Korea Scholarship Foundation.

The rest of the members of the National Assembly, with the exception of two standing members, are the former Superintendent of Education of Busan, Kim Seok-joon, Kim Tae-il, chairman of the Student Representative Council of Shin-Guk University, Park So-young, the representative of the Department of Education. Correctional Headquarters, Lee Min-ji, president of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Student Council, Lee Seung-jae, senior expert member of the National Assembly Education Committee, and Jang Seok-woong, former Jeonnam Jeonnam Seven people were selected, including the Superintendent of Education and Jeon Eun-young, co-representative of Seoul Innovative Education Parents Network.

The president nominated five people: former Ewha University president Lee Bae-yong, Daegu Education Superintendent Kang Eun-hee, Ewha Womans University Professor Emeritus Kang Hye-ryun, Sogang University Adjunct Professor Kim Jeong-ho, and Chungnam National University Professor Emeritus Cheon Se-young.

However, in the case of a recommendation from a teacher-related organization, three organizations, the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Associations, the Federation of Teachers’ Unions, and the National Union of Teachers of Teachers, failed to limit their differences of opinion in the process of selecting two recommenders, and submitted the entire teachers union request for an injunction to stop the relevant procedures, one situation.

The Ministry of Education said, “It is unfortunate that the National Education Committee is being launched without representatives from teacher-related organisations.

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