The national football selection team will return to China tonight and will prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games as a whole team_Isolation_On_Team

Original title: The national football selection team will return to China tonight and will prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games as a whole team

According to the plan, the Chinese men’s football selection team will take the Hainan Airlines flight that took off at 4:45 p.m. on July 28 local time to leave Nagoya, Japan, and return to China, and is expected to arrive in Haikou at around 9 p.m. Beijing time on the 28th. It is understood that after the entire team arrives in Haikou City, they will undergo a “7+3” quarantine observation there. From the 29th, the team will start training. And such an arrangement is also beneficial for the internationals to adjust their physical condition and devote themselves to the next stage of the Chinese Super League competition.

On the afternoon of the 27th local time, the Chinese men’s football selection team defeated the Hong Kong team of China 1-0, thus winning the third place in the 2022 East Asia Cup with a record of 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. The whole team set off to return to China on the second day of the game, that is, on the 28th as planned.

It is understood that after arriving in Haikou City on the 28th, Beijing time, the team will be stationed in a local hotel collectively, and then undergo a “7+3” day of quarantine observation according to the epidemic prevention regulations. It is understood that during the quarantine period, the national football selection team will still train normally. The first recovery training will be arranged on the 29th, which is the second day after the team returns to China. And this arrangement is also in line with coach Jankovic’s consistent leadership training style. In his opinion, the end of the East Asian Cup journey is also the beginning of a new preparation cycle for the team. He hopes that the players will not waste the quarantine period after returning to China.

On the day when the national football selection team participated in the final match of the East Asia Cup, the 2001 U21 national men’s football team, that is, the new national Olympic men’s football team, started a new training session in Shanghai, and then the whole team will go to Croatia to train and warm up. Liu Zhurun, Huang Zihao, Tao Qianglong and Liang Shaowen, who are on the expedition with the national football selection team, will participate in the preparations for the U21 national football team and go to Europe to train with the team after receiving the necessary isolation and observation. It is worth noting that the U21 national youth team plans to go to Croatia on August 5, so the above four players are likely to be delayed for a few days due to the quarantine period and the visa application procedures for some players.

Since the Hangzhou Asian Games has been confirmed to be postponed to next year, the national football selection team will continue to prepare for the Asian Games football match in the whole team mode. Although so far, how the official national men’s football team will be constructed and transformed, and who will lead the team has yet to be officially confirmed, but Jankovic will continue to lead the Asian Games team as the coach anyway. Therefore, the Chinese Football Association will also communicate with the coaching staff in the near future to confirm the specific preparation plan of the team. The team also does not rule out the possibility of making time to organize training camps in the next six months.

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