The national football team blew the training assembly number, the four major naturalization nationals are expected to gather jqknews

The national football team blew the training assembly number, the four naturalization nationals are expected

According to the plan, the Chinese men’s football team will re-sound the rallying call in Shanghai in late March to prepare for the second half of the Qatar World Preliminary Asian Top 40 tournament to be held in June. Given that the new season of the Super League will be unveiled on April 20, the national football coach and management team will take into account the protection of the national football team and cooperate with the club team to prepare for the Super League. This training session is expected to start on March 21 and end on April 3.

Affected by the epidemic, the two rounds of the Chinese women’s football and South Korean women’s football matches were postponed to April 8th and 13th. The Chinese women’s football home game is scheduled to be played in the Suzhou division, which is also one of the Super League divisions. Under this circumstance, the new season of the Chinese Super League had to be unveiled on April 20 according to the “Plan B”, and the relevant plan was also finally approved by the sports management department.

In order to cooperate with the national women’s football team and the normal start of the new season of the Super League, the national football coaching team, after consulting with the Chinese Football Association and the professional league preparation team, finally advanced the new national football training session originally scheduled for mid-April to March. .

If there are no accidents, the new Shanghai National Football Training Camp will last about two weeks and will end around April 3. In order to test the quality of preparations, the national football team will conduct two warm-up matches during this period. Henan Songshan Longmen, Shandong Taishan and other Chinese Super League teams preparing for the same period in Shanghai are expected to become the national football warm-up candidates. The overall strength of these teams is far higher than that of the Maldives and Guam in the same group in the top 40 of the national football team. The national football team warms up with them and should be able to ensure the quality.

It is reported that in addition to the injured Zhang Linpeng and Wu Lei, who is playing in Spain, the best candidates currently active in the Super League teams, including Jiang Guangtai and Fernando, the two naturalized players who were absent from the previous training camp, will participate. This national football training camp.

The current national football training lineup is also attracting attention. It is understood that since this training session is the last training session before the start of the top 40 (except for the current training in the second half of the top 40), the head coach Li Tie is bound to take this opportunity to run into the main lineup and formation, so he must also take the current training The most outstanding national candidate active in the domestic professional football are levied into the team. What is gratifying is that Jiang Guangtai and Fernando, the naturalized players who missed the previous training session due to the epidemic, have both joined the Guangzhou team to participate in training. Together with Exon and Alan who participated in the previous training camp, they will work together to enhance the national football’s offensive power.

It should be noted that since Li Tie had already recruited most of the elite soldiers during the last training session, the lineup for this training session will not change much from the previous period. Except for personnel adjustments in very few positions, the new training list will not have too many new ideas. The number of players selected for the new national football team is still around 27.

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