The National Football Team has finalized the 25-man roster with the most intensive training combined with the teaching competition since the training camp – yqqlm

Original title: The national football team has finalized the list of 25 players with the highest intensity training combined with the teaching competition since the training camp.

Article source: Beijing Youth Daily (Reporter Xiao Xun)

On the afternoon of January 18, the Chinese men’s football team conducted the 6th outdoor joint training of the current training camp at Shanghai Pudong Century Park Football Stadium. With Yin Hongbo and other injured players recovering one after another, all 44 international footballers who have arrived in Shanghai participated in the joint training that day. The players also conducted training and high-intensity confrontation training under the leadership of two groups of coaches according to the grouping mode of the previous internal teaching competition. It is understood that, combined with the training camp in the past week and the first internal teaching competition on the 16th, the coaching team has a relatively clear grasp of all aspects of the international footballers participating in the training. Similar “big training” and draft modes may be used after the next two rounds of top 12 competitions.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the national football team continued to go to the Century Park Football Stadium for outdoor training. Since the team will have the last internal teaching game before going to Japan on the afternoon of the 20th, and the game will be a simulation game based on the rhythm of the top 12 mid-day and daily competitions a week later, considering the training the day before the game The intensity should not be too high. The coaching staff specially arranged compact and intensive technical and tactical and confrontational training in the training on the 18th.

It is understood that in addition to 5 naturalized (naturalized players) who are abroad, Wu Lei and Wu Lei, players in Europe, and Guo Tianyu, who asked for leave due to family matters, all 44 international players who arrived in Shanghai participated in the training on the 18th. A few injured players such as Yin Hongbo have been able to carry out normal ball training under the careful guidance and care of rehabilitator Coty and others. They also participated in the internal confrontation training on the 18th.

Due to the large number of participants in the training, all players are still grouped in accordance with the grouping method during the teaching competition on the 16th, and two assistant coaches, Li Jinyu and Chen Yang, respectively lead the teams to train and compete in independent areas. Judging from the situation reflected in the front, the training enthusiasm of the internationals has always been high, and the players have a strong desire to fight. According to people in the team, the Chinese team is now eager to seize the opportunity and play for the country, whether it is a member of the coaching team or the players.

It is understood that the coaching staff will finalize the lineup of about 25 Japanese nationals based on the preparations and the 2 teaching games. However, the coaching staff also revealed a signal to the whole staff that the players who can be included in the current national football training squad are the best candidates for the current national football team. As for about half of the 52 recruited players, the reason is that the coaching staff needs to select relatively suitable candidates according to the technical and tactical needs of the two top 12 matches at this stage. The “loser” is still the object of inspection by the national football coaching team. That is to say, the coaching staff will adjust the selection of international players in a timely and appropriate manner according to the nature of the game, the technical and tactical characteristics of opponents and other factors. In the future, a considerable number of young players will enter the national football team. The coaching staff will most likely continue to use the draft mode of this training session during the rest of the international competition day cycle this year.

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