The national football team officially holds the coach’s farewell meeting, Li Tie encourages the team to make persistent efforts in the future_media said Li Tie has bid farewell to the national football players

Original title: The coach’s farewell meeting was officially held in the national football team. Li Tie encourages the team to make persistent efforts in the future

After the end of the 14-day closed quarantine observation, all members of the Chinese men’s football delegation, including the generals, went to Shanghai in two batches on December 2 and continued to “autonomously observe” for 7 days.The night before the departure, the Chinese team coach Li Tie held a “Farewell Party”, marking that Li Tie’s departure from the coaching position of the national football team is a foregone conclusion.

However, since the Chinese Football Association and relevant departments recommend different candidates, who will take over the national football team still needs to be confirmed after communication. In addition, due to the deep financial crisis of the Guangzhou Football Club, the naturalization national Exxon will return to Brazil for vacation in the near future, and the other two Guangzhou nationality nationals Luo Guofu and Jiang Guangtai who returned with the national football team have yet to communicate with the club. 4 It is doubtful whether the current naturalized national football team can continue to participate in the rest of the top 12 matches with the national football team. The change of coaches has actually left a series of question marks on the Chinese team.

At 7 pm on December 1, the Chinese team held a special farewell event in the resident restaurant of the Taimei Xiangguli Hotel in Taihu Lake, Suzhou, and the protagonist of the event was the current team coach Li Tie, who has recently been caught in a whirlpool of controversy. It is understood that Li Tie has fallen into a huge controversy under the influence of previous personal inappropriate remarks and suspected violations of “posting pictures with goods”. He himself has verbally expressed his attitude of “no more trouble to the team and the association” to Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association. There are various signs that the Chinese Football Association is also ready to terminate cooperation with him in advance, and will announce the specific results through official channels only after the new coach selection and other related matters are properly implemented.

According to the plan, the Chinese team should be collectively transferred to Shanghai on December 2 to continue the “self-observation” after the 14-day closed quarantine observation. After arriving in Shanghai, all members can stay in the team hotel to rest according to their actual situation, or return to the club team preparing for the game in Shanghai. The National Football Team no longer arranges training camps during the period in Shanghai, which means that December 1st is the last day of the National Football Team’s collective life in the current training period, and the training on November 30th is also the “last practice” of the team. Li Tie’s bid farewell to the team was therefore arranged on the evening of the 1st.

It is understood that all coaches, athletes, logistics services and medical personnel of the National Football Team participated in this event. The chairman of the Chinese Football Association Chen Xuyuan and most of the members of the association’s working group did not participate. It is understood that during the event, Li Tie expressed his gratitude to the team members for their hard work and the support and cooperation of his own work. On the other hand, he also encouraged the team to make persistent efforts and move forward courageously in the subsequent top 12 matches. And I hope everyone is ready for the training and competition that follows.

After Li Tie left the national football coach as a foregone conclusion, there were no clear answers to a series of questions surrounding the team. First of all, who is the successor, as of December 2, the national football team left Suzhou, there is still no conclusion. Some media broke the news that the sports management department had taken the initiative to meet and communicate with the new coach of the national football team last week, the current Wuhan coach Li Xiaopeng, and based on this, it was judged that Li Xiaopeng would take over the Chinese team with a high probability.

However, then there was news that the new coach recommended by the Chinese Football Association was not Li Xiaopeng, but the current U22 national football coach Jankovic of Serbia. The main reason why the Chinese Football Association has not been able to officially announce “Li Tie’s resignation” or the new coach candidate is the difference in the recommended candidates from various channels. From the actual situation, the two have their own characteristics and advantages. The coaching record, various professional experience, and the style of dealing with people are important basis for consideration by all parties.

According to the anti-epidemic regulations, all members of the Chinese delegation will not be able to completely lift the quarantine until December 9. In other words, even if some members return home after arriving in Shanghai or rendezvous with a club team that is also preparing for the game in Shanghai, they cannot leave Shanghai before the 9th. There is a high probability that Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, will go to Beijing to continue to communicate with relevant parties on related issues after the isolation is lifted. Therefore, it is still difficult to determine who the specific candidate is.

On the day that the National Football team left the Suzhou Division, the Internet reported that the naturalized national footballer Exon was about to return to Brazil for vacation and gave up participating in the second stage of the Chinese Super League.The Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter learned that the reason why the other two naturalized nationals Luo Guofu and Jiang Guangtai returned to China with the national football team mainly needed to communicate with the club about the performance of the contract. Once the club continues to owe its salary due to actual factors, the possibility that the two will leave China separately before the restart of the Super League cannot be ruled out.

According to the plan, the national football team will re-focus in mid-January next year, and then prepare for the 7th round of the top 12 matches against the Japanese team and the 8th round against the Vietnam team. In terms of practical conditions, even if several naturalized players travel to Brazil or the United Kingdom and other countries in the near future, they can go directly to the away game to meet with the team a few days before the game.However, if Guangzhou Football Club is unable to properly handle the cooperation with a few people, then the possibility of their “never return” objective exists. If this is the case, it will weaken the competitiveness of the national football team, and it will also cause a heavy blow to the “player naturalization project” itself. This is probably a situation that the parties who advocate the launch of this “project” do not want to see.

Prior to this, the National Football Team had only scored 5 points in 6 rounds of 12 rounds, which was 6 points away from the Australian team temporarily ranked third in the same group, so it would be a high probability event to get out. Such a situation is also particularly tricky for the new coach. No matter who wins the handsome mark in the end, they may become the “back-ups” of the Chinese team. For now, the coaching change may only be exchanged for this. The team’s “calm” for a while.

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