The National Wars revealed Star Wars bobblehead John Doolittle

The National Wars revealed Star Wars bobblehead John Doolittle

Sean Doolittle remembers his first shuttlecock. In 2014, two years after the former U-Va. The standout changed from the first base to the potter and he established himself as a major reliable relief of layers, the Oakland Class A affiliate Stockton Ports, presented 1,000 Doolittle figures. The Ports combined the Doolittle chip bucket, but failed to check the spelling of his last name.

“It's so strange to me that they went up with spelling,” said Doolittle, who put into six games for Stockton in 2012, earlier this year. “While most people don't put two Os, they forgot the second L at the end. I don't know, that was strange, but maybe a collector article is now. ”

Although the last name of the premise, the latest figure of Doolittle, figur "Obi-Sean Kenobi" with Star Wars with a removable hood there is given to the first 10,000 fans through the gates at the National Park's Saturday, the person worked more closely with the National promotion team to ensure that all other details – including the color of light – were just right.

“I think the person looks very good,” said Doolittle, who received occasional updates on the bobblehead's progress by email during the season. “Often when they do these things, it seems like a video game as you create a player and it's like Stock Face No. 3 with Hair Design No. white man with a ginger beard, but they put it.

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Last year, Doolittle played a role in the design of his first national bobblehead gift, which had the uniform closer to a national instead of a Jedi dress.

“It's great that they go to make sure they get all the details right,” he said. “They wanted to make sure that the cleats were correct and that the socks were on the ones I wore in the game and that I had the right gloves with the right laces. They wanted to make a way to make the glasses to ensure that they would not break, which I was like, that is quite reusable. ”

For night “Game of Thrones” last season, the Nationals brought out figurines Michael A. Taylor and dragon. Doolittle said that the promotion of colleagues on the HBO league fans left them.

“There were so many men in the locker room going up to the people who work in our marketing and advertising department giving them a go,” said Doolittle. “Like, maybe, next year I could be Jon Jon. '”

The Nationals do not run Thrones Hotels this year, but when the team decided to introduce their fifth Star Wars Day celebrations, Doolittle was not involved. Doolittle claimed “one of the highlights” of his Star Wars bobblehead, and said he will ensure that his wife, Ireland, gets Dolan one of his desks.

“She supports me and I am very grateful for that,” said Doolittle. “She accepts it. When I finally saw the picture [of the finished product], she was excited about me because she could say how excited I was. ”

Twenty-three randomly signed Doolittle chaplains will be distributed across all gates on Saturday. Star Death parade balloon will fly in the center center and 105 characters will be costed wandering around the playing field.

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