The national youth team will have the first round of “slimming” after the match against Syria today_Opponent_Competition_Gêm warm

Original title: The national youth team will have the first round of “slimming” after the match against Syria today

On January 28, Beijing time, the Under-20 National Youth Team, which is training in the United Arab Emirates, will lead the final warm-up match against the Syrian National Youth Team. After this match, the Chinese National Youth Team will reduces the line. On February 2 On the 1st, the team will move from Dubai to Croatia to begin the second phase of preparations.

The Chinese Under-20 National Youth Team flew to Dubai, United Arab Emirates on January 17. It has played four warm-up games before. In the first three warm-up games, the Chinese team had 2 draws and 1 loss. The opponents were the United Arab Emirates and Oman The team lost to the opponent 0-1 in the first round of two rounds, and drew with the opponent 1-1 in the second round. In the match with the Oman National Youth Team, the Chinese team drew 1-1 with their opponents with Eiffelding’s goal.

On January 25, the Chinese National Youth Team played the fourth warm-up match with the Syrian National Youth Team. With Hu Hetao’s goal, the Chinese team finally defeated their opponents 1-0 and won the first victory of this overseas training. Due to the heavy rain in this match, it is clear that the opponents were not used to it, and the Chinese team sent all the main players such as Hu Hetao, Eiffelding, and Yang Minjie to play. However, it is worth noting that the overall strength of the Syrian national youth team under 20 is good. It has been preparing for a week in Damascus before, and many players in the team are playing in the European League.

According to the plan, the two teams will have another warm-up game on the afternoon of the 28th. This is also the last official warm-up match organized by the China National Youth Team for this trip to the UAE After this match, the team will train in the UAE until 2 On March 2, they will then going to Croatia to start the second phase of training and preparation. At the moment there are 31 players in the team. No surprise, the head coach Antonio will “slim down” the lineup. It is expected that 4-5 players will return home after training in the United Arab Emirates, and will not start the second stage of the Game Croatia, tour. During the training camp in Croatia, the national youth will also make a “pull” again, and finally determine the 23-man U20 Asian Cup entry list.

According to the previously drawn up itinerary, the Under 20 National Youth Team will leave for Croatia on February 2, when a series of warm-up matches will be organised, with opponents consisting of European teams of the same age as the Croatian National Youth Team . The entire training camp ended on the 23rd, and then set off from Croatia to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to prepare for the U20 Asian Cup, which will officially start on March 3.

The U-20 Asia Cup will officially start on March 1, and the Chinese team will face the powerful Japanese team in their first match. (Pei Li, Sohu Sports)Return to Sohu to see more


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