The NDOT begins to introduce new welcome signs on gates at 39. | Nevada City News Carson

The NDOT begins to introduce new welcome signs on gates at 39. | Nevada City News Carson

CARSON CITY – Nevada Transport Department initiated the installation of new “Welcome to Nevada” monuments on two routes into the state.

The construction of two separate welcome monuments began in October 7, and the monument was installed on 600. near Topaz Lake in October 15, and a monument was welcomed by the end of the month. The installation of signs on the highway shoulder will mainly take place, with a road shoulder and short lane closure expected through the end of October.

It is also proposed to install monuments at the following border crossings in the coming years:

– State Route 28 in Crystal Zone
– I-11 close to Hoover Dam

Built of stainless steel and weathering with natural rock or concrete tires, the monuments insist as high as 14 feet. While each gateway has a Nevada state name, state silhouette and a Battle Born motto, the monuments have slightly different designs that reflect the unique environment of the natural environment. With the goal of creating visitor entry and first sense, as well as residents returning across the state, such landscape and aesthetic signage can improve and define road corridors, demonstrate heritage and community culture and tourism and development. economic area to promote potential.

In 2017, NDOT introduced new welcome signals in around 25 other border locations around the country. The road signs replaced the previous signs and were designed by Nevada High School graphic artists.


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