The Need for Government Takeover: Lt. Sitha Tiwaree Discusses Management Improvement

Thailand Government Management: A Closer Look at Lt. Sitha Tiwaree’s Perspective

In a recent interview with Lt. Sitha Tiwaree, the leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party (TTA), he expressed his belief that the current government’s management is an improvement compared to nine years ago. Though there may be some disappointment among the public due to expectations of a change in the government network after the last election, Lt. Sitha believes that it is important to move forward and give the current government a chance to work. He acknowledges that some dissatisfaction exists among the population, but believes that people will gradually adjust their feelings and adopt a more positive outlook.

When discussing the Minister of Defense, Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, who is the first civilian to hold this position, Lt. Sitha sees him as a seasoned politician with a successful track record in elections. He views Mr. Suthin’s appointment as a positive sign and believes that his experience will enable him to effectively lead the Ministry of Defense in various matters. However, Lt. Sitha also recognizes that the military in Thailand has not always obeyed government orders, which poses a unique challenge in implementing a unified command system. He hopes that this issue can be resolved, as it would be beneficial for the country.

Regarding military conscription, Lt. Sitha acknowledges the necessity of having soldiers in the army. However, he believes that the number of conscripts should be adjusted based on demand. He suggests that offering a higher salary, increasing it from 10,000 to 15,000 baht per month, would incentivize more people to volunteer. Additionally, he proposes reducing the number of soldiers used for non-essential tasks such as gardening or personal chauffeuring, reallocating those resources for more effective purposes.

The topic of acquiring a submarine came up during the interview. Lt. Sitha emphasized the importance of ensuring that any purchased submarine is usable and meets the country’s needs. If a purchased submarine lacks an engine, he believes it should be used as a justification to cancel the contract. He questions the necessity of submarines and aircraft carriers for Thailand, as they are typically utilized by superpower countries for offensive capabilities. Considering the country’s economic crisis, Lt. Sitha suggests redirecting the funds allocated for the submarine towards more beneficial areas that can help create jobs and generate income.

Overall, Lt. Sitha’s perspective sheds light on the current government’s management and the potential improvements that can be made. While acknowledging the challenges and concerns, his stance remains neutral and emphasizes the importance of ensuring the country’s needs are met efficiently and economically.

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‘Sitha’ sees the need to let the government take over management first. He expects it to be better than 9 years ago for sure. He says it is a good sign. Not ‘Suthin’ is the Prime Minister to sit in the defense department. He says he should use the issue of not having an engine to cancel the ship’s contract Plumbing states that wages should be increased and unnecessary personnel reduced.

At 5:40 pm on September 19 in the Progressive Party (KKK). Lt. Sitha Tiwaree The leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party (TTA) gave an interview about how the work of this government is, saying that it is better than 9 years ago. Perhaps many people are disappointed. Because of the period of the last election People expected that The old government network will leave. Now we have to move on. If there is no political crash, the government can survive its full term. It must be given a chance to work. As for dissatisfaction with government managers, where are they? He said that people would gradually adjust feelings Asked if he was dissatisfied or not? Apparently many people feel Because during the last election we expected another form. Now I guess we can adjust our mood somewhat. Think positively that it is better than 9 years ago.

When asked, as a veteran Look at the potential of the work of Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, the Minister of Defense. who was the first civilian Who was not Prime Minister while holding this position? Lt said. Sitha: He sees Mr Suthin as a senior politician. Been in politics for a long time Voting in elections has always been successful. If we look at it positively, it is a good sign. Indeed, every country’s system must be a one-way command system. You have to be able to control all mechanisms. In economic matters, social matters, educational matters.

But Thailand seems to be different from other countries. That is, the soldiers did not listen to orders from the government. If it happens to move to the right place It would be a good thing, otherwise there might be another sport. On the other hand, Mr Suthin sits in the Ministry of Defence. He will be able to command the ministry in various matters. How much of this actually works remains to be seen, but as far as I can see in many matters, there have been adjustments to the military conscription, and he sees that 1. Soldiers are necessary to have in the army . 2. There are around 100,000 people a year If the conscription is for 2 years, there will be 50,000 people a year, but few people really want to be soldiers, but there is a lot of demand for soldiers. As a result, military conscription was enforced. If it was voluntary it would be better. He also confirmed that Soldiers need to have But it must be in the right amount.

When asked how to buy the confidence of soldiers? Let more people volunteer. Lt Sittha said If there is enough salary Change from 10,000 per month per person to 15,000 per person More people will likely apply. Reduce soldiers used for gardening You can pick up and drop off your boss’s kids, shine your shoes, and maybe find the right place. It will use the same budget. but more effective

When asked about concerns about the purchase of a submarine, Lt. Sittha that buying a submarine We have decided that it must be usable. When it’s time to finish buying no engine It should be used as a reason not to get this engine. This is the reason for breaking the agreement and canceling it, he saw that our country was not taking advantage of the submarine. or aircraft carrier as a superpower country Because submarines are used in battle. Submarines must enter international waters. to launch nuclear weapons that are not in Thailand He saw that it was not necessary enough. to buy good things Coming to see him on Children’s Day is not worth it.

When asked about the case of Mr. Settha Thavisin, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance flying to speak to the Prime Minister of Germany In the matter of submarines Do you have anything to say to Mr. Settha? Lt Sittha said At best, we attribute this to Germany’s inability to deliver the submarines as expected. should cancel the contract and use the money to do other things better He believes that the price of one submarine It can be used to create jobs, create income, create careers. It is not a fact that military power should not be developed. But it should be in such a way that no one can offend us. Because we don’t offend anyone. But during this period our country is still experiencing an economic crisis. We should use the money in other useful areas. But at the same time, military strength should be enough. to protect the country

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