“The Netherlands” is following the United States, preparing to limit the export of advanced chip makers to China.

“Lichi Sgrenimahcher” Minister of Trade It was revealed in a letter to the publisher on Wednesday (March 8) that “the measures to limit the export of chips can affect the technologies that are essential to the production cycle.semiconductor Netherlands consider national security and basic international security and that this technology should be harnessed as soon as possible.”

“Dekter Roberts” senior scholar from the Atlantic Council Think Tank Institute In an interview with the BBC, “This is a real step forward. And it’s a real win.United States But it is very bad news for China. Relations between the US and China are pretty bad, and the Dutch measures are clearly going to make things worse.”

under new measures Many companies have to register for a technology export licence. Including a lithography machine that uses the advanced “Deep Ultra Violet” (DUV) technology.

ASML. (ASML) one of the most important businesses in the supply chain.microchipglobally, it is expected Advanced technology export restrictions may apply to advanced optical systems (DUVs).

Machine Lithography Use a laser to etch designs onto silicon sheets. which is part of the microchip manufacturing process And the Dutch government had prevented ASML from exporting advanced chip-making equipment to China since 2019.

in October 65 The Washington government requires companies to apply for export licenses.chipsto Chinese companies using US equipment or software regardless of where they are made in the world

In addition, the United States pushed the Netherlands andJapanSimilar restrictions are also enabled.

while the ministerSouth Korea expressed concern about US semiconductor policy this week. Because South Korea is a microprocessor production center. Including the world’s largest memory chip maker, Samsung.

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