The Netherlands reiterates that it needs to make its own decision to sell ASML | chip equipment Anue tycoon – US stocks

“Bloomberg” reported on Tuesday (22nd) that Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Liesje Schreinemacher (Liesje Schreinemacher) reiterated that the Netherlands will protect its economic interests. The Netherlands will continue to negotiate with the United States and other allies on selling ASML chip equipment to China, make your own decisions.

The US announced the most comprehensive chip ban in history last month To prevent cuts, the US is also actively seeking allies such as Japan and Europe to adopt joint measures to limit China’s access to chip manufacturing equipment higher.

ASML and the Dutch government have always been key targets of American lobbying and wooing. ASML, a key manufacturer in the Dutch semiconductor industry chain, is the only manufacturer in the world that can supply EUV exposure machines required for 7nm wafers and below, helping semiconductor industry leaders key to success.

“The important thing is that the Netherlands will defend its interests, its national security, but also its economic interests,” Reinermacher told Dutch lawmakers on Tuesday.

Rennermacher said: “If we put it in the framework of the EU to talk to the United States, the end result is that we send EUV equipment to the United States, and our situation will be even worse.”

Renner Maher said last week that the Netherlands will not accept the US chip ban and will make its own assessment after consultations with the US, Japan and other allies. ASML’s previous statement mentioned that if the US is followed, the global semiconductor supply will be interrupted.

Currently, China is also trying its best to fight for the Netherlands to choose sides with ASML. Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Bali, Indonesia. He previously said that the world is one, and we must oppose the politicization of economic and trade issues and protect global industries The supply chain is stable.

According to market analysis, from Renner Maher’s point of view, the United States may not be too smooth on the road to persuade its allies, and it may be difficult to reach a consensus in the short term.

ASML ADR (ASML-US) closed 2.74% higher at $596.21 per share on Tuesday. The FX index rose more than 3 percent.

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