The new animation of the classic comic book “Lucky Star Boy” will be broadcast on October 13. jqknews

The new animation of the classic manga masterpiece “Fu Xing Boy” will be broadcast on October 13. On September 22, several character voice actors were officially announced today.. Let’s find out together.

“Lucky Star Boy” is the representative work of Japanese cartoonist Rumiko Takahashi, and is also her first full-length work. The manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday from 1978 to 1987, and won the 26th Shogakukan Manga Award and the 18th Nebula Award (1987).

“Lucky Star Boy” is not only the famous work of Takahashi Rumiko, but also a milestone work in the history of Japanese animation. The unrestrained and unfettered in the drama is amazing, not only did Takahashi gradually form his highly humorous style in serializing Fuxing, but he almost made a leap in his painting style as well.

The voice actors of the new roles announced this time include: Onsen Mark, an English teacher at Yuyin High School, will be played by Kenta Miyake, Sakura’s fiancé, Otsuno Tsubame, will be played by Takahiro Sakurai, and a younger sister Natsutaro, Miyako, Played by Inoue Marina There is no voice actor for the giant monster cat, Electric Desk Cat, so stay tuned.


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