The new “Antidote” in “Plague Company” plays the role of WHO in fighting the epidemic, and the whistleblower will be arrested very realistic πŸ’‰β˜£ | 4Gamers

This year, under the influence of the global spread of Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19; new crown virus), the highly acclaimed video game “Plague Inc.” (Plague Inc.) can be said to have attracted more attention, and Ndemic Creations recently launched a new model “Solution” “The Cure” is contrary to the traditional strategy gameplay of the past few years. This time players will no longer play the role of disease, but the WHO that controls the spread of the epidemic.

“Antidote” can be said to have fundamentally changed the traditional gameplay of this game since 2012. The developers also used CEPI Epidemic Prevention Innovation Alliance, WHO World Health Organization, and GOARN Global Epidemic Alert Response Network and other professional medical services. A new model created with the help of relevant personnel. This time you no longer play the role of the virus party, but the medical organization trying to save the world.


Similar to the traditional mode, players can assign epidemic prevention personnel to hot spots of disease outbreaks to fight the spread of the disease, issue alerts to the government, dispatch researchers, and formulate some epidemic prevention measures, including travel bans, mandatory lockdowns, and deportations, while also organizing for health Provide funds to start the long vaccine production process.

However, just as what happens in the real world, the “Plague Company” also simulates the situation that may happen, for example, some countries may have low sanitary standards, or dictators may lead the country to withdraw from the WHO.

The difficulty response of the game is also quite realistic. In the low difficulty mode, people all over the world love to wear masks and international cooperation is unimpeded. However, in the high difficulty mode, some heads of state will even ignore the science, and the doctor’s “whistleblower” They may also be arrested, making the regional epidemic worse, and faithfully reflecting somewhat familiar international incidents also sparked heated discussions among Internet villagers.


The new “antidote mode” of Plague Inc. has been officially launched on both mobile platforms, while the PC Steam version will be launched later. Interested players can pay close attention to the official revision information.

“Plague Inc” (Plague Inc) developed by the independent team of Ndemic Creations in 2012 can be said to be one of the most popular business games among players in recent years. In 2014, “Plague Inc: Evolution” appeared on Steam after the support workshop. Continue to deepen and expand the player community.


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