The new love is not the greatest. Mr. Chanutra is madly in love with his businessman lover. sweet without added sugar

The new boyfriend is the greatest, Mr. Chanutra, madly in love with his girlfriend, businessman, very good natured, sweet chick, no need to add sugar. The male family has given the green light.

Launch a new love with a set of very sweet images. for an actress Chanutra Suksan Mr ex-wife Kelly Thanapat Show off your sweet tooth through social media to see each other clearly. Shows the heart is now renewed again, latest (November 5) Chanutra Mr Come and attend the photo collection event “7 Color Tour Concert” at Big C Rama 2, Branch 2, Thonburi Housing Authority. who gave an interview about the new love after the end of the event

Already launching love? “Happy (smile) I’ve been very happy lately (smile)”

How did you get to know each other? “Friend to friend We meet ourselves (smile). Let’s meet friends in Singapore and meet.”

Where do you like it? “Khun Ton is a lovely person. He is also a very nice person and takes care of you.”

So this makes us weak? “Yes (smiling) I didn’t open my heart to talk to anyone. and then meet this person I feel it.”

Many people opened his gate. Who is it from? “It’s not the same circle as us. it’s a business (High class or not?) No (laughs) He runs his business in his house. Doing about chicken exports, GFPT Company.”

Have you met his family yet? “I met you, you met your father and your family. having a younger brother Most recently, we went on a boat trip to Pattaya.”

Are there different ages? “It’s close. He is already an adult too. His thoughts are mature too.”

Do I need to adjust anything? “Not at all, feeling love this time is very natural.”

Renew your heart? “Relax because we haven’t been in love for a long time.”

How do we expect this love? “Do your best. And do your best (smile).”

Did you come to support me today? “Do you agree? (smile)”

Does he usually follow us on set too? “There are some. If only one scene was filmed, they would send some.”

Is he a bit jealous because we are quite sexy? “Don’t worry, he understands the issue of work.”

Was he the one who closed the lid on us? “He’s good at taking pictures, yes.”

This love is smooth, launched, wow, love is perfect? “smooth, perfect (smile)”

Are we madly in love? “Crazy love (laughs) shy, no need to add sugar, sweet chick (smiles)”

Between him and me, who is more in love? “enough”

What did the people around you say about our love this time? “There are only happy people. And I am proud of your love.”

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