The New Role of Catherine, Princess of Wales

It cannot be denied that among thePrincess of Wales No one is as famous asPrincess Diana Former wife of Prince Charles More than 25 years after her death, Princess Diana is still remembered as “The People’s Princess” and now the title of Princess of Wales has been taken over.Princess Catherine

After deathQueen Elizabeth II King Charles III of the United Kingdom established Prince William and Princess Catherine to hold a new title. officially become the Prince and Princess of Wales

which means the highest rank of heir the British royal family and the one who ascends the throne will be the next king and queen in the future

Indeed, the latest Prince and Princess of Wales No stranger to Wales. On the other hand, they both used to live in Anglesey. located in North Wales as a newly married couple. And he was living as a new parent there too.

“Catherine” helps the Scout Troop

Susan Hesketh The head of Porthaethwy Scouts had the opportunity to meet Princess Catherine. Being the Duchess of Cambridge When Prince William Duke of Cambridge He works as a helicopter pilot for the Air Force Search and Rescue Service. Hesketh remembers Princess Catherine telling the Scouts she was interested in helping.

Princess Catherine The latest Princess of Wales has caught England’s attention (AFP photo)

“It’s a personal matter. We are not allowed to tell anyone,” he said. Princess Catherine has assisted the Scout troops around 12 times.

“The princess came to the party on the first night. and introduced herself We’re so excited At that time, the Scouts… didn’t know who she is and when they sat at the table with her one of them said to her, “Does your husband drive a helicopter?”

“The princess answered ‘yes’ and the Little Scout said (to his friends) ‘I told you so!’ Princess Catherine went there. The mother accused the son of lying. because she doesn’t believe He’ll really go there.”

Hesketh added: Princess Catherine did everything the Scout Leader did. He helped with manual work and took part in games.

“He helped tie the knots of the Boy Scouts. which he did because my father taught them while sailing,” said Hesketh.

The New Princess of Wales He had to try hard. to replace Princess Diana (AFP photo)

His Highness lived a simple life.

The Simple Life of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Anglesey After the wedding ceremony in 2011 It helps to create a positive image of the connection between the British Royal Family and Wales. The two stayed there for three years also underlining the image of their irreverence and that they were compatible with the common people.

The seriousness of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge It is told through the memories of Anne Wilson, the cook and owner of Llewelyn Seekin’s barley in the Aboriginal neighbourhood. which is not far from their mansion in Modorgan Wilson used to cook meals, including meals for Prince William’s 30th birthday.

said Wilson Her friend was a house cleaner for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. and when a friend said to the two, I have a friend who is a chef in a restaurant. They wanted to order frozen food.

Wilson went to her mansion one last time. After Prince George was born in AD 2013, just before His Highness moved off the island, she said apart from having to go through security, everything is very normal

“I brought food to distribute. Then Prince William said Princess Catherine wanted to speak to me. So I went in and saw her feeding Prince George. Prince William was putting the food in the fridge,” Wilson recalls.

Wilson also said that She had seen Princess Catherine. who had dressed up in stylish clothes to ride a bike around the shop; Prince William I used to go shopping in local shops. They also went to eat in local restaurants.

“People were happy to see that they could continue with their lives. They have been left alone for a long time,” said Wilson.

His Highness helped with charity

Princess Catherine continued her activities with the Boy Scouts. Although he moved from Anglesey to Norfolk in AD 2013 and in 2020, he was appointed president of the Scout Association with the Duke of Kent.

He also assisted in other charities. and gave importance to the issue of early childhood Mental health problems and sports

Princess Catherine did not interact with the public as Diana did. Former Princess of Wales and did not create any new changes As Diana did, such as the HIV and AIDS campaign and the land mines.

One of her charitable roles where she replaced Queen Elizabeth II in 2016 was patron of the charity Action for Children, which was created to help vulnerable children and teenagers and disadvantaged groups

Put more emphasis on Wales?

Bridget Gator The director of the Welsh charity Action for Children met Princess Catherine during a visit to children and young people with mental health problems.

“He really wants to be part of solving problems. I feel great Seeing him interacting with children and families, he seemed comfortable. and always relaxed And he was interested in hearing people’s stories,” Gator said.

Gator hopes for Catherine’s incarnation of the Princess of Wales It may mean that he will pay more attention to Wales.

“She is now the Princess of Wales. Wells may become the focus of some of her activities and interests. That’s a great thing,” Gator said.

His Highness had to become the focal point.

sideHugh Thomas The journalist with BBC Wales, who is currently writing a book about the life of King Charles III as Prince of Wales and the relationship of the British royal family with Wales, said that, in fact, he, like his wife, is from the heiress The Princess Catherine has always avoided keeping herself under the spotlight.

“The main issue for the newest princess is She followed in Diana’s footsteps. which is the most famous Princess of Wales in history,” said Thomas.

He saw that the more Catherine had developed a natural relationship with her husband, the more she felt. It made her path to position much smoother.

“The fact that she is now the Princess of Wales The question is, will that inevitably lead to more people’s attention?” said Thomas.

Princess Diana managed to break that barrier. Thomas believes that could make Catherine’s path easier to handle as well.


Source: BBC website

Princess Catherine greets the little boy during a visit to Anglesey’s lifesaving charity at sea. with Prince William (AFP photo)

The latest Prince and Princess of Wales (AFP photo)

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