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New Delhi > Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the new Parliament building to the nation. A golden scepter, considered a symbol of India’s transfer of power, was placed next to the Speaker’s seat. The inauguration ceremony began at 7.30 am with the garlanding of Gandhi’s statue. Modi participated in the pujas that followed. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla received the Prime Minister at the Mandir. The puja ceremonies were held in a specially decorated pandal near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. After the scepter was installed, the plaque was also unveiled. There was also a prayer of all faith. Modi arrived at the new Parliament building with the scepter accompanied by monks. The priests of Tamil Nadu Saiva Maths, Vummiti Bankaru Jewelers who made the scepter and those involved in the construction of the temple will be felicitated on the occasion. The First Minister will visit both Houses. The ceremony was held under heavy security, and traffic control in Delhi began at half past five in the morning. The Central Army and the Delhi Police are responsible for law and order. Security has been beefed up, including within Delhi’s borders, as wrestlers and farmers’ organizations in solidarity with them announced a protest in front of the new Parliament building. Neither the President nor the Vice-President will be invited to the inauguration ceremony which will be held in two stages. After the traditional Hindu ceremonies, the ceremonies will end at 9:30 am and the Randam Ghat will begin at noon with the national anthem. Two short films on the building will be shown. The Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha will read the messages of President Draupadi Murmu and Vice President Jag-deep Dhankar. Then the speaker will speak. A special coin and stamp of Rs 75 will be released. Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata, who built the building, and Bimal Patel, who designed it, will be guests. 1. The function will conclude with the Prime Minister’s speech on the 30th. During the Covid pandemic, the Modi government decided to build a new Parliament in December 2020. Even when the renovation work was completely stopped as part of the Covid restrictions, the construction of the new Parliament building was going on as part of a project Central Vista. Read on

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