The new song “Twilight Passage” from the season of Light Yu Night Walk is online! Hu Mengzhou and Ma Yinyin came together to complete “The Salvation of Light”

Source title: The new song “Twilight Passage” from Light Yu Night Walk Season is online! Hu Mengzhou and Ma Yinyin came together to complete “The Salvation of Light”

The new song “Twilight Passage” in the night season of “Light·Yu” was finally launched online on May 24th. The brand new electronic musical divine song jointly composed by CORSAK Hu Mengzhou and Ma Yinyin perfectly showed the new theme of the night travel season “Night Travel with Starlight” with a light and singing melody.

We met in the dark, we walked together in the dark, and became the brightest stars in each other’s eyes. After the new song “Twilight Passage” from the Night Walk season was launched, players said that the content of the song was the exact “meet unexpectedly and walk hand in hand” story they experienced in “Light Yu”. Singing the healing connection between players and partners. The lyrics of the new song also talked about images like dusk and darkness, which made players unable to help but get more sense of pictures and stories for the night travel season.

Seasonal limited themes, different healing emotional experiences

“Light Yu” has always defined itself as a healing-oriented game since its launch, and the game theme of “just meeting is beautiful” runs throughout. The gameplay of “Light Yu” is also very simple. Players, like children of light, shuttles and light candles in the vast world. During such a lonely journey, they will meet other lonely travelers and develop a period of warmth and memories. . The emotional connection created after people meet is the most valuable and important part of “Light Yu”.

In order to allow players to better and more intuitively feel the emotional connection brought by the game, “Light Yu” continues to dig deeper into the game, putting the player’s experience first, and launching various limited term themes. The theme of each season goes out to bring players an immersive experience: The Little Prince season launched by “Light Yu” the year before last allowed players to follow in the footsteps of the little prince and learn about the classic fairy tale this; Ruolaji set a concert site with 4,000 players participating Players from all over the country can experience the beauty of music in the same location; Other themed seasons and seasons are also well received.

This Night Walk season will open a brand new Morning Island map. Morning Island under the starry sky is beautiful and mysterious. Players will unlock four new ancestors, multiple item rewards and season-limited actions during the Night Walk season. the Night. The missions of the Night Walking season are distributed in different maps. What kind of stories will players and partners experience under the guidance of the new missions? What kind of healthy emotional connection is produced? Everyone will find the answer after personally participating in the Night Walking Season missions.

Tailored new songs, soul fit sparks emotional resonance

The creators and singers of the new song in the Night Walk season are Hu Mengzhou and Ma Yinyin, who have a strong resonance in music. Their encounter is also the reality of the “interesting soul” that the “Light Yu” players encounter in the Game version. CORSAK Hu Mengzhou and Ma Yinyin, the soul-conflicting “friendship combination”, will infinitely extend the aesthetic feeling of the penetrating song “Trace” in the production of a new song, and jointly create a unique “Light Yu” in accordance with the season’s night travel and the theme of the game The new song “Twilight Passage”.

The new song “Twilight Passage” combines ethereal voices and the dynamics of the electronic melody. In the verse, it lightly depicts the emptiness and distance of the morning island in the dark night, and tells the embrace and the guidance the stars are at last. meet after wandering in the air.

The chorus part of “Twilight Passage” gradually heats up the arrangement and the strong sense of rhythm, pushing the emotions to the top. With the addition of the electric guitar, the voices of Hu Mengzhou and Ma Yinyin complement each other. Hearing this, “Twilight Passage” seems to symbolize that the lonely and helpless traveler in the vast darkness of the night travel season has finally found the that light resonates with it Two bright star stones produce a brilliant light after touching each other.

The touching melody and affectionate performances of Hu Mengzhou and Ma Yinyin also fully demonstrated the theme of the night travel season “starry night, go forward together”, gently guiding each listener to embark on an adventure under the starry sky of Isle the Morning in the singing journey of.

Games have long been known as the ninth art apart from the traditional arts, and their relationship with music should be very closely related. As a game with the theme of “meeting”, “Light Yu” is very clear about its own game position, and also puts the player’s sense of experience first; using the emotional connection of the players in the game as a medium, the limited theme of the night travel season and The perfect combination of electronic music has created a new song with a high level of customization for it. The new song “Twilight Passage” in the Night Walk season is not only a combination of art and art, but also an immersive gaming experience full of healing!

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